Furniture Must-haves for your New Condo

Furniture Must Have for your New Condo

Congratulations on the purchase of your new condo unit! Whether you’re a first-time condo owner or have recently relocated, it’s always exciting to begin a new chapter in your life. What’s more exciting is the opportunity to completely customize your space. Some people prefer a fully furnished living space, while others prefer a more uncluttered look. Whether you opt for a Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or modern contemporary style, always stay true to your comfort zone, as home décor can affect everything from your mood to your productivity and confidence.

Purchasing furniture can be quite costly, especially if you are purchasing new pieces, which is why it is always a good idea to prioritize your most pressing needs over aesthetics and to shop around to find the best deals. Here is a list of essential pieces of furniture you will be primarily needing in your new condo investment:

Living Area Furniture Essentials

Living Area Furniture Essential
Living Area Furniture Essential | Photo from Francesca Tosolini in Unsplash

Living area serves as your welcome area when you live in a condo unit. Having the essential furniture to give comfort and a friendly ambiance is important for every living area regardless of how small or big it is. The best living area can be measured with the presence of these following furniture items.

1. Couch

This is the supreme piece of furniture. This is ideal for sitting, lounging, and sleeping, which is why it is critical to determine what will work best in your expansive living area. Given that the living room serves as a gathering place for guests, friends, and family, investing in a quality sofa is a must.. 

2. Coffee Table

While it is truly a matter of personal preference, a coffee table serves as the focal point of a living room, as it completes the ideal picture. Coffee tables serve a variety of purposes. It can serve as a gathering spot for your morning coffee mug, drinking glasses, favorite magazines, new books, and your prized television remote. Additionally, some feature drawers and a two-tiered design with a raiseable surface ideal for eating or working. Ensure that you purchase the ideal coffee table that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and stylish, as it will complement your immaculate condo unit.

3. Cabinet

The television set is the focal point of the living room in the majority of condos and homes, and having a cabinet to safely store your media consoles, DVDs, tapes, and other electronics is a must. Additionally, it gives the living room a clean, spacious, and presentable appearance.

Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Bedroom Furniture Essential
Bedroom Furniture Essential | Photo from Franceca Tosolini in Unsplash

A good rest or sleep means having a comfortable bedroom to start with especially when you have a new home or condo unit. Here are some major bedroom furniture that you cannot afford to miss out when you are actually moving in.

1. Bed

After a long day, we always require a good night’s sleep. A bedroom is a haven of peace and tranquility. Having a good bed results in healthy sleep, healthy sleep results in healthy waking hours, and healthy waking hours results in productivity. Investing in a quality mattress is an investment in your health. It is the most prudent and critical decision you can make when purchasing furniture.

2. Bedside Table or Nightstand

A bedside table serves as a point of reference. It is frequently used to keep important items such as mobile phones or other electronic gadgets, medications, and a glass of water within reach throughout the night. To add additional functionality, you can place a lamp on top of it. Many people enjoy reading before bed, and having a reading lamp beside the bed eliminates the need to turn on all the lights in the room. Now, when selecting the ideal bedside table, you must consider the size of your bedroom and your budget constraints.

3. Wardrobe Furniture 

Wardrobes are used to store clothing, shoes, handbags, and other accessories. It creates the illusion of more space and less clutter in your bedroom, as well as the ability to organize and locate your accessories easily for your next OOTD. Additionally, having a wardrobe protects your clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories by keeping them out of the harmful sun and dust. You may desire a flawless wardrobe dedicated to storing your designer or branded items.

Dining Area Furniture Essentials

Dining Area Furniture Essential
Dining Area Furniture Essential | Photo from Nathan Oakley in Unsplash

Dining area is one of the places where you and your members of the family will be having good talks over good food. Hence, it is an essential part to give importance when you just moved in to your new condo unit.

1. A dining room table

A dining table will always be an integral part of any home. According to studies, eating at a dining table encourages the entire family to consume more nutritionally balanced meals and promotes healthy eating habits. A dining table also provides an opportunity for family bonding following meals and sharing experiences that could not be shared elsewhere.

2. Dining Chair

Without dining chairs, it’s difficult to imagine a dining table. Dining chairs enhance the functionality of the dining table by being the most comfortable item/furniture to sit on while dining. They also contribute significantly to the aesthetics of your dining area. You can select from a variety of dining chairs, depending on the size of your dining table and the amount of space available in your dining area. A dining chair set is more than furniture; it is also a statement piece that reflects your personality and preferences.

Shopping Furniture at All Home

While shopping for furniture is an exciting experience, it can also be quite exhausting. AllHome is your one-stop shop for all things related to home improvement. They don’t just sell furniture; they also sell hardware, appliances, tiles, and sanitary wares, as well as homewares, linens, and construction materials. With 27 local branches located throughout the country, there is a good chance that there is one near you. AllHome is also committed to providing the best possible experience for its customers, which is why they’ve made home shopping easier and more convenient with their AllHome Click app. Finding everything you require will be as simple as counting 1,2,3. While browsing through the AllHome Click app, you’ll feel as if you’re actually shopping in a physical store. Make sure to take advantage of their exclusive deals and promotions prior to checking out!

Additionally, AllHome provides a unique shopping experience by offering styling consultations and customizable furniture to assist customers in creating their dream homes.

Dress Up Furniture to your New Condo Home in Palawan
RFO Condo in Palawan - Camella Manors Verdant - Facade Perspective
RFO Condo in Palawan – Camella Manors Verdant – Facade Perspective

Camella Manors Verdant is one of the newest ready for occupancy or RFO condo for sale in Camella Manors located in the most beautiful beach city of the Philippines, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The project offers studio and 2-bedroom units that provides a healthy sub-urban themed community in a beach city like Palawan.

Camella Manors Verdant is strategically located along Gabinete Road, Barangay Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City which gives an ideal central location inside the city’s growing economy and major tourist spots. If you wish to check and inquire in the few remaining RFO condo units for sale in Palawan simply send us a message via our inquiry form or directly ping us through this website chat box.

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