Is Buying Ready for Occupancy Condo a Better Option?

Ready for Occupancy RFO Condo in Camella Manors Verdant

RFO condo stands for ready for occupancy condo. These are type of units within properties, primarily condominiums, that are available for immediate occupancy. Because they are typically located near business districts and universities, they make excellent real estate investments for investors and aspiring property owners.

While preselling condo units for sale appears to be more practical due to the lower selling price, purchasing an RFO condo unit has a number of advantages:

Ready for Occupancy Condo is Ready for Tour and Inspection

Ready for Occupancy Ready for Tour and Inspection
Ready for Occupancy Ready for Tour and Inspection | Photo from Vinicius Amnx Amano in Unsplash

What makes condo hunting more enjoyable is seeing and experiencing the unit, correct? Units that are ready for occupancy are available for inspection, particularly if you want to verify the actual unit size, condition, view, and other condo property features.

In comparison to pre selling condos, ready for occupancy condos for sale are easier to inspect because you are not anymore imagining the entire building in its entirety- you can see the actual building turnout! As a result, determining whether you like the community, the building and its ambiance are simplified.

The Project is Complete and Ready for Turnover

Units that are ready for occupancy or move-in ready have been completed, are fully constructed (and may also be fully furnished) and are ready for turnover. You are not required to wait years to move into the unit.

RFO condos are the best home solution for urgent property finder who wishes to relocate inside the city proper.

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Take Advantage of Special Discounts

Who says that only those pre-selling units can offer you the best deals? Certain real estate developers offer special discounts and easy-move-in promotions to purchasers of move-in ready units!

Additionally, as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the global economy and the country’s local real estate sectors, a few real estate developers are now offering larger cash discounts to property buyers interested in RFO condo units for investment purposes.

A few real estate developers will offer outright discounts, waived bank fees, and numerous other special discounts that are not frequently seen prior to the pandemic. Thus, if you’re considering the best time to purchase a ready-to-occupy condo unit, now may be the ideal time to invest in the city.

Payment Options are Flexible

The majority of ready for occupancy or RFO condo units offer flexible payment options, including rent-to-own, also known as lease-to-own. This way, you can move in immediately and make monthly payments until the entire balance is paid off.

Under the same circumstances created by the pandemic, real estate developers, particularly local and regional developers, are surprising by offering more flexible terms for ready for occupancy or RFO condo units. Thus, considering your options for purchasing an RFO condo unit this year may be more rewarding than waiting for the country’s real estate industry to recover post-pandemic.

Quick Move-in Once All Payments and Paperwork are Completed

Ready for Occupancy Condo for Easy and Fast Move in
Ready for Occupancy Condo for Easy and Fast Move in | Photo from Roberto Nickson in Unsplash

The ability to move in as soon as possible is one of the best benefits of a ready for occupancy or RFO condo unit. Once all paperwork and requirements have been submitted and signed, and all payments have been made, you can move in immediately.

This is an excellent option for families relocating, as well as individuals and students looking for a place to stay near their school.

Availability of the Best Functional Amenities

When you purchase a ready for occupancy or RFO condo unit, you gain immediate access to your private space while also gaining access to the condominium amenities.

Condominium amenities typically include a swimming pool, fitness center or gym, and a function room. Due to the fact that few condo developments offer holistic lifestyles while living in the city, you can also expect to find commercial spaces such as grocery stores, banks, co-working spaces, and coffee shops nearby or even within your own building.

Encourages your Creativity

You can Get Creative with an RFO Condo Unit
You can Get Creative with an RFO Condo Unit | Photo from Elsa Noblet in Unsplash

The majority of RFO condo units are unfinished, allowing you to customize the palette, decor, and furniture to your liking. You can be as imaginative and creative as you like when it comes to customizing your condo space.

Meanwhile, if you are not as into design as some people, there are a few high-end condo developers who offer fully-furnished condo units where you can relax and unwind knowing that you will have all of the necessary items, appliances, and furniture, as well as a good sense of condo interior design.

RFO Condos are Business Ready Investment

Investing in real estate is a wise move, especially now that urban living is becoming increasingly desirable, particularly in key areas where businesses and employment thrive.

You can either keep the property for as long as you need it and consider renting it out, or you can re-sell it later. Additionally, because the majority of ready for occupancy or RFO condo units are located in prime areas such as metros or cities, business districts, or universities, these units have a greater chance of appreciating in value.

While purchasing an RFO unit is more expensive and requires a significant down payment, with all of these benefits, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing one. Particularly if you intend to move in immediately.

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Check out Ready for Occupancy Condos in Camella

RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Community Perspective with Pine Trees and Swimming Pool
RFO Condo in Davao – Northpoint Davao – Camella Manors – Community Perspective with Pine Trees and Swimming Pool

Camella Homes, the country’s most popular home builder, is now selling ready for occupancy or RFO condos throughout the country. Camella Manors, the company’s newest brand of condominiums for sale, offers pre selling, ready-to-occupy, and rent-to-own condominiums in Caloocan, Lipa, Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, Butuan, and Davao City.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best ready for occupancy condo units for sale outside Metro Manila, you can check out Camella Manors’ ready for occupancy condo properties in Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, and Davao. Get the best studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units available from Camella’s condominium brand, Camella Manors.

Camella Manors is offering these RFO condo developments in the country alongside its sub-urban themed ambiance, which features an abundance of pine trees enveloping each of the condo developments.

To contact us, simply complete the form below or send a message directly through this website’s chat box or via Camella Manors’ official social media accounts.

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