Easy Guide On How To Maintain A Pest-Free Condo Unit

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Pest-Free Condo | Cleaning your condominium may not be enough to keep nasty insects away, but it does help a lot. Keeping pests out of your condo unit is not the same as keeping them out of your house. When you live in a condo that is part of the larger property; pests may easily enter your space from the common spaces. It doesn’t take much for bugs to enter your rooms if your neighbors have habits that attract them. The location of your condo; for instance, whether it is near the woods or adjacent to outside dumpsters; might also contribute to the number of bugs in your living space.

Pests in Condo

When you live in a condo, you may think that you don’t have to worry about bugs; especially if you dwell on the top floor. However, pests can still make their way into your condo unit; whether they climb all the way up from the first floor or you bring them in by accident on your shoes; clothes; or pet’s fur. When you live in a freehold apartment or home; you are solely responsible for the pests in your property; but, when you share space in the unit, it becomes a collaborative effort to maintain a pest-free condo unit.

Termites and vermin don’t have as big of a problem in condominiums since the height prevents them from getting in. So, if you live in a mid or high-rise condominium; chances are you haven’t had many bug problems if any at all. However, this does not rule out the possibility of bugs thriving there.

They can go to the higher levels by hitching a ride with one of the occupants on their way to and from their rooms. It may then become quite easy for them to grow and reproduce if the conditions are proper for them to dwell in. That’s why having your own condo pest management checklist that you can rely on is crucial.

take out your trash - make your home smell good - camella manors
take out your trash – make your pest-free- Camella Manors

How to Keep Your Condo Pest-Free

Inspect Your Entire Condo Unit

One thing you can do is inspect your dog and coat for any pests trying to get into your condo unit with you before entering. Before entering the building; give it a once-over; and double-check before entering your apartment.

When you go inside, make sure you wipe your shoes off at the front entrance; and take them off as soon as possible. Wearing outside shoes inside your house makes it easier for bugs to spread throughout your property.

Keep Your Condo Clean – Pest-Free Condo

Another requirement is that you maintain your unit as clean as possible. In a condo, you only have control over your unit, and you have less (but not none) recourse to complain about noisy neighbors.

Keeping your unit clean; on the other hand; ensures pests have fewer hiding spots; as they prefer nooks and crevices where they can’t be seen. It also helps if food and drinks are not left out for them to munch on and your pantry items are put in sealed containers; rather than their original packaging.

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Plug The Breach

If you observe that pests are entering through a particular point; such as a small gap in the wall; it’s a good idea to plug the breach to keep them out. However, you will have more issues with vent systems that are connected to other units.

Report To Management

It is critical to contact the condo management in both of these circumstances; as well as any other incidents of pests in condominiums. It is their job to guarantee that everyone’s unit is kept in fair condition and that a pest control agency is called in if required.

Wash Your Beddings

Bedbugs are a nuisance that is particularly difficult to eradicate in condos. These tiny insects may cause serious allergic responses, and if they’re discovered in a condo furnishings may need to be replaced. To protect your mattress, invest in a waterproof mattress cover that will keep bedbugs out.

Use Insect Spray Killer

There are sprays you can use to kill bedbugs if they build a home in your house; but a properly trained pest control specialist will be able to deal with the problem and detect every infestation with ease – possibly saving your furniture.

Cleanliness is the Key

Ultimately, it’s the state of your condo unit that will best determine how much risk you have for pests. If it’s obvious when you walk in that your unit is barely livable because of all the mess and the trash; then pests are almost sure to inhabit it if they’re not already there.

If however, you’ve always kept your condo clean and neat, then you won’t be having any problems.

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