Practical Ways To Improve Your Condo Partition

Themed Condo Bedroom

Partition walls are utilized in settings like townhouses and condominiums when two apartments in the same structure are separated by a separating wall. These walls are normally structural in both situations, but they are occasionally increased in thickness to aid with soundproofing. Remodeling your condo partition wall provides you the opportunity to brighten up your existing property with a new finish or design.

Creating a functional home has become more than merely optimizing floor space as new condominiums arrive in ever-smaller proportions. Can you, instead, make additional useful space within those four walls? No, purchasing a larger home is not a viable option.

Thankfully, with today’s taller ceilings in many condominium units, a loft is a great option to expand your living space without having to move up! So look up, not down; these five ideas can help you ‘increase’ the square footage of your modest condo home:

Appliances and Electrical Outlets

Because outlets and appliances are not part of the partition wall’s structural integrity, they may be moved around as needed. While local rules require that the wiring be examined by a qualified expert, you may otherwise run all of the wire yourself and install new outlets and appliances (such as lights) wherever you like. Where necessary, secure them to the studs in the wall. Fill up holes left by previous outlets with drywall, drywall mud and paint, wallpaper, or whatever wall finish you like.

Niches on the Wall

Small wall niches are simple to construct since they do not compromise the wall’s structural integrity. The width of the area between the wall studs is 16 inches, which allows for a good-sized niche for decorating. Create three stair-stepped niches to accommodate candles, books, or photos, for example. Use a stud finder to identify the studs, then use a utility knife or keyhole saw to cut the drywall out between the studs. To attach the horizontal top and bottom portions, use the same-sized stud material, and tap into the vertical studs with screws rather than nails. After that, all you have to do is cover the wood with new drywall and finish it as you see proper.

Renovated Walls

Refinishing may be one of the most straightforward or one of the most difficult renovation jobs. At the most basic level, a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper will suffice, or a stucco coat or texture mud coat will suffice. Install wainscoting across the bottom third of the wall, split the wall in half with finish materials, or use wood paneling, plastic sheeting, metal panels, tiles, or natural stone, depending on your personal choice and tool skills. Because all you’re doing is changing the appearance of the wall, this is the most superficial form of a makeover.

Remodeling of the Structure

Partition walls are often structural walls, meaning they bear the weight of the roof and ceiling above them. In general, it’s preferable for the typical do-it-yourself homeowner to leave this sort of renovation to the specialists, who know how to correctly construct a support wall while structural alterations are done. However, there is a workaround: create a faux wall over the face of the structural wall. Because the new wall will protrude out from the old one, you’ll have to give up a few inches of horizontal space, but this allows you to create whatever style of wall you want, even one with built-in bookshelves. Mount it to the wall studs of the existing home as you work your way up, and then cover it with a finish material as you need.

Own A Premium Condo in Lipa

Enjoying all the perks of condo living still might produce some extent of variability depending on the developer of the condominium a buyer might be eyeing. Thankfully, choosing a condominium in the Philippines provides investors with plenty of good options to choose from. Big names in the real estate industry have taken advantage of the boom in the ever-evolving vertical housing segment of real estate. Vista Land, the Philippines’ leading real estate developer is a prime example. Through their new brand, Camella Manors, Vista Land has expanded its reach more than ever and gives an exceptionally premium condominium offering for investors seeking to purchase their first property.

The brand has succeeded in embodying the lifestyle of the modern world. The way the pandemic shifted life and introduced a “new normal” ignited the desire to create a whole new world indoors that has changed the preferences of homebuyers all around the world. Camella Manors provides a condo living experience where all of life’s comforts are a walk away from your own abode. The brand has capitalized on the movement of city dwellers returning to their hometowns to practice their professions in less congested locations. Camella Manors is now making its mark in various key locations all over the Philippines. Notable to mention is its biggest project, Camella Manors Lipa. A fully-developed community with the most expansive amenity area of all Camella Manors projects nationwide, Camella Manors Lipa captures the perfect essence of condo living.

Camella Manors Lipa is located at Brgy. Tibig, Lipa, Batangas. Just an hour away from the Metro, this condominium project is the biggest condo development in the entirety of Batangas. Unique to any project in the area, it boasts a resort-themed development, capturing everyday vacation living. Its amenity lineup includes a clubhouse, swimming pool, exclusive gym, play court, play park, and jogging paths. Camella Manors Lipa is also near major schools, commercial establishments, hospitals, and other places of interest. Combined with the top-notch security of the project, an elevated and ideal lifestyle can be achieved by investing here.

Currently, Camella Manors Lipa’s development has started to progress. Building one’s construction started last August 2021 and the turnover of its units is expected to happen in September 2022. Investors, young professionals, students seeking an upgraded university experience are expressing piqued interest in acquiring their first condominium unit in Camella Manors Lipa. For an initial investment of ₱20,000, a life-changing decision of experiencing condo living is possible.

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