10 Household Gifts to give your Family this Christmas

Christmas are made even more special when you give household gift items that your family will truly love - Pine-Estate Condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors

The Philippines has one of the longest Christmas celebrations in the world. Come September, you can expect people to play Christmas carols, hang colorful blinking lights and build a giant Christmas tree.  Filipino delicacies such as puto bumbong (purple rice cake) and bibingka (milled glutinous rice) are being sold in the streets. Practice for caroling begin and the annual pledge to finish the simbang gabi (Night Mass) are made. Before the pandemic, Christmas get togethers are planned this early in anticipation of the season’s busy schedule. These activities mark the beginning of the months-long celebration of Christmas in the country. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you give a household gift item this Christmas.

As early as possible, you can start preparing gifts to give your loved ones and friends this coming holiday season. Avoid the rush of last-minute Christmas shopping– even online shopping may run out of stock or post a longer delivery time. Why not try to give gifts this year with a more personal touch? Gift giving after all is a love language you can practice especially this time of the year. It doesn’t matter how big or small, as the saying goes “it’s the thought that counts.” 

Why give a household gift item?

In the list below, we’ve gathered ten best household gifts to give your family this Christmas. Giving gifts to family members could be quite tricky because of everyone’s unique preferences. The gift ideas below are a sure winner because of their functionality. Since many are staying indoors nowadays, household items are a good gift idea. Not only are they practical, but they will make your home experience worthwhile. Family bonding is bound to be on point this festive season. 

Best Household Gift Items for Christmas

Our list below is composed of various items ranging from useful appliances to trendy home decors. Every family member has a gift to enjoy based on this selection. Make your gifts more personalized by choosing designs that suit your family’s taste. Happy shopping!

Personal Household Gift Items

1. Air Purifier

Our list of holiday gift ideas starts with the highly requested appliance, the air purifier. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a steady rise in its popularity. But what do air purifiers really do?

Air purifier is a best household gift item this Christmas - Pine-Estate Condo in Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa
Air purifier is a best household gift item this Christmas | Photo from Canva for Education

Air Purifiers contain multiple filtration systems to eliminate contaminators in the air and improve air quality inside your home. It is recommended for those with allergic reactions to dust, mold, or pet hair because it removes triggers and allergens for asthma, free up smoke trapped inside the room, kill insects, remove pollens, etc.

When you want a more upgraded version of an air purifier, consider giving a smart air purifier that can be controlled with an internet connection. By connecting to a mobile application, you can monitor information on the pollutants present in the air. It also gives you the control to adjust settings, schedule and speed. Any family member will surely be delighted to receive this gift.

Having clean and breathable air is almost a luxury these days, so having a home air purifier is a huge help to keep the air quality at home safe and healthy.

2. Easy-to-use Vacuum Cleaner

For the family member who needs a little bit of a push when it comes to cleaning the room, a vacuum cleaner would be a lifesaver. An easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner can do wonders to your home.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner for a Cleaner Holidays - Condo in Lipa - Camella Manors Lipa
Automatic Vacuum Cleaner for a Cleaner Holidays | Photo from Canva for Education

With its portable size, this type of vacuum goes through the small corners of your house to eliminate dust, pet hair, crumbs, and all kinds of dirt. This cleaning device is a cool gift adults would be raving to receive. The robot vacuum is a must-have for anyone who likes to keep the house clean and dust- free. It is built with a sensor that allows it to avoid obstacles all by itself. It needs minimal to no supervision and runs quietly. 

3. Sportsmask

A mask like no other, a sportsmask would make a lovely gift to the sporty or athletic family member. This type of mask has a soft and breathable fabric perfect for any exercise.

Wear that breathable sportsmask for a comfortable workout - Camella Manors - Condo in the Philippines
Wear that breathable Sports mask for a comfortable workout | Photo from Canva for Education

It allows you to breathe even during intense workout. It’s best used when running, training, or playing sports. The material of a sportsmask differs from the regular cloth mask as it allows air but blocks dirt and moisture.

The fit is also great from the nose to the lower part of the face. Giving this gift would put a smile to any fitness enthusiast at home.

4. Espresso Machine

Since we rarely go out of the house, a home version of latte or cappuccino has the power to brighten anyone’s day. You don’t need to drive far or go out just to buy a cup of coffee.

A perfect household gift item this Christmas is an espresso machine - Camella Manors - Pre Selling Condo in the Philippines
A perfect household gift item this Christmas is an espresso machine | Photo from Canva for Education

All you need is an espresso machine at home to make your favorite coffee-based beverages. It’s a good gift for the students in your family who often stay late at night, the coffee connoisseur, or just anyone who wants good coffee without leaving the comforts of your kitchen.

This product also has different designs and sizes that can blend well with your interiors. There’s also a manual and automatic espresso machine for you to choose from. Start your family’s day right with a kick of espresso to keep you going throughout the day. This gift will also fulfill your barista dreams at home.

5. Portable Disinfection Fog Machine

  1. Let’s admit it– we’re all keen on cleanliness and hygiene especially during these times. Whenever we go out or step into our homes, we make sure to disinfect ourselves from any types of germs and viruses.
  2. The pandemic has made us all clean-freak, always carrying alcohol or a sanitizer on top of the face mask and face shield we wear. Others even wear a portable air purifier on their necks to clean the air they breathe. These are just some of the measures we observe to keep ourselves and our families protected all the time.
A cleaner and safer Christmas means having a portable disinfecting fog machine in your condo home - Camella Manors - Pre Selling Condo in Lipa
A cleaner and safer Christmas means having a portable disinfecting fog machine in your condo home | Photo from Shutterstock
  1. After all, health is indeed the most precious gift. This Christmas, add an extra layer of protection by getting a portable disinfectant fog machine which you can use at home. It works as an indoor atomization and anti-bacterial machine. The disinfection machine lets you and your family enjoy clean air by eliminating dirt and bacteria. It kills germs in most spaces at home.
  2. You don’t need to worry about how to use it because it’s user friendly. Your family will appreciate receiving practical gifts such as this to keep the house virus-free. This machine can also be used in cars to clean the cabin and eliminate odor. You can use it regularly as part of your cleaning routine at home.

Fun Household Gift Items

6. Mini Projector

Thinking of a fun family bonding? You can never go wrong with a movie night.

Binge-watch Christmas-themed movies in your condo home with a mini projector - Camella Manors - Mid-rise Condo in the Philippines
Binge-watch Christmas-themed movies in your condo home with a mini projector | Photo by Dylan Calluy on Unsplash

Ready your family’s favorite movies or binge watch together a series on Netflix. Recreate a theatre experience inside the comforts of your home by having a big screen enough for the whole family to see. This will be enjoyed thoroughly by the movie buffs or the Netflix regulars in the family.  A mini projector would be a gift that will benefit the entire family, even kids.

Just look for a blank wall and turn your viewing experience into a topnotch movie house setup. Now you don’t have to go out to watch a movie on the big screen. Share a popcorn and some drinks for the full movie experience. 

7. House Plants

Needless to say, every family has their own “plantita” or “plantito” (plant lovers) at home.

Best Indoor Plants to Purify Air Inside Living Area | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Best Indoor Plants for your Condo | Photo from Huy Phan in Unsplash

When plants hit a boom last year during the pandemic, almost every household in the country started collecting plants at home. Moms and big sisters would appreciate indoor plants as gifts- they are not just for decors but they help improve the quality of air by reducing toxins and giving off oxygen. They also aid in your mental health as plants keep you calm, energized, and focused.

There are many plants to choose from, depending on the collection and preference of the owner. You can start with low maintenance plants like a Snake Plant, Spider plant, Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, and Rubber Tree which are quite resilient even if not watered for a couple of days. In buying plants, you can order from various online stores and have it delivered straight into your home. Make your mama smile with these nature-themed gifts this Christmas.

8. Serve Wares

Serve Wares is the best household gift item this Christmas - Camella Manors
Serve Wares is the best household gift item this Christmas | Photo by Du Wei on Unsplash

While dining outside is still limited, make your family’s Noche Buena a feast to remember. Create a theme for your dinner tables by using matching serve wares for each member of the family. Enjoy the annual signature dish of your family served in a stylish presentation. They also add a personal touch to your kitchen’s theme. A good serve ware is an essential part of your family banquet on every occasion. They’re even passed sometimes as heirlooms from generation to generation. Indeed, this is the best household gift item this Holiday season.

9. Video Game Consoles

Have fun this Christmas with a video game console - Camella Manors - Pre Selling Condo
Have fun this Christmas with a video game console | Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

You may think this gift would only get kids smiling, but in reality, even adults and teens would enjoy playing this. Video games are a fun activity for the entire family. Kids do it in their free time, usually after school. Make sure that you set a clear gaming guideline to avoid overplaying.

There are many video game consoles this year from PlayStation 5 to the Xbox Series X. Save yourself the hassle of looking for the perfect gift to your kids and let them in for a treat with the latest video game consoles. Who says that a Christmas household gift item won’t be this fun?

10. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

What is a family reunion without karaoke? A Filipino gathering is not complete without anyone belting a favorite tune. The Bluetooth karaoke microphone is an ideal gift for the family member who loves to sing. This portable Bluetooth karaoke microphone is conveniently easy to use- just hook the mic to your phone using Bluetooth and then look for a song online. You don’t need a karaoke machine to have a night of singing with your family. Karaoke nights are more fun with the portable Bluetooth karaoke microphone at hand. 

Giving Christmas Household Gift Items in a Pine-Estate Condo Home

Celebrate a safe Christmas inside the comforts of your home with the best household gift item this Christmas. Make these challenging times more meaningful by sharing the gift of generosity with your family and friends. The list above provides us with household gift item ideas for each family member. The household gift items are mostly available online so you don’t have to worry about going out to get them. Just make sure to research and review the site before you purchase anything online. May the holiday season be merry and bright amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

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