10 Bathroom Interior Essentials For Your Condo

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According to a survey of 2500 persons who spent an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes every week in the bathroom, you would have spent around 92 days or more in your lifetime. This is a legitimate call to create stylish and comfortable bathrooms and assist customers in accomplishing this on a budget. When purchasing or developing a condo, one of the most desired spaces is the condo bathroom. It has the ability to significantly increase the asking price of a unit.

Moreover, this leads to the following ten essentials to consider while constructing a bathroom.

10 Bathroom Essentials For Your Condo


Instead of having a toiletry bag and a little basket with combs and hoarded goods all over the bedroom, it is excellent to create additional storage space and have a place for your items. Built-in cabinets provide a well-thought-out finish and may be expanded to coincide with your door, resulting in a total height of 2100mm. This frees up space for towels, gowns, first-aid kits, toilet paper, soaps, and bathroom cleaning supplies. This makes your bathroom look more spacious and tidy.

Toilet Bowl

You may appear foolish for 30 seconds, or longer if you choose, but the fact is that you are the first person to be hurt by a poorly constructed bathtub or a tiny baby potty design for an adult toilet bowl. There are bad designs, and they shine like gold in a shop with good lighting. Doom shows up at your door with a paper that says ‘Non-refundable.’ Sitting in a bathtub will allow you to examine how your body structure responds to the tub; nevertheless, just because it’s large does not imply that it’s a suitable design. The grips should be within reach and your neck should feel safe at an angle. If you have limited space for a bathtub, choose an extra-deep model.


A well-placed stunning mirror may breathe new life into a bathroom. Try out various forms and frames, or look into a certain style and shop for it. A rustic finish, such as a raw timber-framed mirror, is one example of a style. It does not have to be expensive because you can locate some planks around your house or scrap yard and build the frame yourself or hire a carpenter to do it for you. Other types include modern and industrial, both of which would provide a high-end touch to your bathroom.

A decent mirror with warm wall-mounted lights can add warmth to your bathroom while also serving a utilitarian purpose.

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If you are building or remodeling a bathroom, it is a good idea to make the most of the available space. Depending on how you respond to it, even a little bathroom might have maximum potential. Walls can be recessed by 80mm-150mm throughout the building phases, not merely for support and separate rooms. This offers a niche for storing decorations and on-the-go merchandise. When dealing with a little space, employ a rectangle design for showers. Often, we develop small shower cubicles and leave a tiny random corner that does nothing except collect dust; instead, stretch the shower from wall to wall to create a walk-in shower experience.

If you want a bathtub and a shower but don’t have enough space, build a bathtub and a ceiling-mounted shower head in the bathtub area. This way, you’ll always have two alternatives instead of a little shower and a crowded bathtub. To keep the outside area dry, a glass door or curtain can be utilized to partition the shower section of the bathtub.


Poor lighting may darken up the area and make the finishes look loathsome, no matter how wonderful the quality of your floor and wall finishes are. The lighting should match the finishes while still providing enough light for you to move. Depending on the ceiling height, the mirror can make use of pendant lighting. After a busy day, wall-mounted lights with their own switch point enable you to have a dimmer impact; search for warm yellow lighting if you want a calmer impression in your bathroom. Recessed LED white lights may be utilized for general illumination since they use less energy and enhance the room.

lighting good for condo - camella manors
Lighting Good for Condo – Camella Manors


This is where you normally keep your 101 items, despite the fact that you only use three of them every day. Vanities may be used to create a focal point in the bathroom. Allow storage space beneath the counter to keep things to a minimum on the counter. A good faucet with long-lasting handles is crucial. Some faucets are gorgeous, but they waste a lot of water, which is a natural resource. Water-saving faucets are on the market and may be purchased online. To add some greenery to the area, a stunning tiny pot plant can be presented.

If you have a small bathroom, avoid cabinets that sit on the floor and instead opt for wall-mounted cabinets with space beneath them, which offers extra legroom and makes the area appear larger. Woven baskets may be used to properly store your necessities.


‘If you can’t maintain it, don’t purchase it,’ is my rule of thumb when it comes to materials. Marble is a lovely product, but many people overlook the fact that it requires high-quality cleaning tools. Marble, granite, and other stone materials are derived from the ground and do not fare well in the presence of detergents and harsh chemicals. These are sturdy yet delicate finishes that can endure depending on how they are cared for; therefore, this is a sensitive subject for me. You would join my comfort group pushing safe cleaning materials for these priceless stones if you observed the extraction procedure.

Another thing to consider is who will be using the bathroom since this will impact the level of maintenance. Avoid small mosaic finishes or tiny square tiles if you know you won’t have enough time to clean your bathroom. These are lovely, but they require maintenance. Larger finishes or seamless tiles are easier and quicker to clean.


It is critical to record who is using the restroom in terms of age since various age groups have distinct demands. Functionality does not cease with today’s use but continues three years into the future and ten years into the future for family houses. With this in mind, multipurpose design concepts should develop, such as children like baths and can share a tub. It could be excellent to create a tub that can later be converted into a shower. If you decide to sell or rent your house, your renter will have access to both amenities.

Shower stall

A shower seat can be carved into the wall with around 450mm of sit-in area, or it can protrude from the wall with a tile finish. For safety concerns, a shower seat can be built in the bathroom. This is perfect for persons who are unable to stand for an extended period of time owing to physical limitations. It is also a smart precaution for pregnant ladies who may need to reach their legs for a good cleaning, something I can only envision in a sitting posture. A shower seat is also required for luxury purposes. New shower versions with a steam room effect have appeared. The seat may also be utilized to keep your shower necessities.


A good design promotes safety in the most peaceful way possible. To avoid sharp cuts, request that the building crew round down the edges of the finishes. To flatten the edges of showers, rounded stainless steel covers can be used. Do your homework before heading to the store to ensure that the floor finishes have a strong grip when wet. 

The specialist may continue to drop additional terms, assuming we are on the same page, which is acceptable as well. That means I’ll have more terms to utilize at the business next door.

These are the fundamentals that will help you. A solid construction crew, as well as some nice Pinterest boards to explain your ideas, will be required.

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