5 Easy DIY Christmas Decors to try with Kids

Christmas Decors you can Make with Kids

Do you remember doing your own Christmas decors when you were a little kid? Are you used to sit under the Christmas tree waiting until midnight to open your gifts? Do you recall when you used to go to your ninong or ninang (godparents) to receive presents? Or perhaps you join your parents in Christmas parties along with other kids? Christmas indeed is for children. It’s that time of the year when families get together, exchange gifts, and spend quality time with each other especially with kids. 

As the saying goes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Take advantage of the season to spend time with the little ones. There are plenty of activities to do— from planning a game for your Christmas party, preparing your signature dishes, or decorating the house with Christmas decors and lights. This is the perfect bonding opportunity while enhancing their skills in a fun and exciting way. You can also make this activity an annual Christmas tradition that kids could look forward to every December. 

In the list below, we’ve gathered the five easiest Christmas projects to do with kids. We know how busy you are this time, so having little elves to help you will result in accomplishing many things. These projects are do-it-yourself (DIY) and do not require a lot of materials. Kids will love the idea of using their art skills into decorating their own homes. Bring out the coloring sheets, glue, and scissors, it’s time to make the cutest Christmas decors. 

A note to the parents or adults: Make sure to look after your kids when doing the crafts. Some objects may be sharp or pointy. Avoid using these kinds of material or better yet, make them “childproof” by adding soft covers or just give them papers that are already cut. It is important to create a kid-friendly environment before starting any project. Safety is always the priority when it comes to kids. 

Easy DIY Christmas Decors to make with Kids 

Kids will love their time doing these Christmas crafts which can be used either as décor or as a gift. Happy crafting!

Santa Advent Calendar

What’s Santa’s most iconic feature? None other than his beard! Recreate your version of

Santa by doing an advent calendar. Kids will enjoy growing Santa’s beard using cotton balls. By Christmas time, Santa’s beard has become all soft and fluffy. This project will also help kids remember the time of advent. This calendar is the season’s coolest. To do this craft you will need cotton balls, craft paper, construction paper, glue, and colored pencil.  

Instructions: Start with Santa’s face by cutting white construction paper. You can pattern the cutout from any Santa figure or draw Santa’s face. You can add texture by adding color using colored pencils. Cut out his eyes, nose, cheeks, and then glue to his face. Using red and white craft paper, cut Santa’s hat and then glue a cotton ball at the tip of his hat. Finally, cut a beard shape using white-colored construction paper.

You can write the dates of the month until the 25th, Christmas day, on his beard. Glue it to the face and there you have it- Santa’s advent calendar. Hang it on a place frequented by kids at home. Place a bowl of cotton balls and glue near it. Add a cotton ball to the beard every time a day passes by until it is fully covered on Christmas day.

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Cute Christmas card

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards | Photo from Tanya Trukyr in Unsplash

Who doesn’t love receiving Christmas cards? A personalized Christmas card is one of the most heartfelt gifts you’ll ever receive. The note inside makes it even more exciting. Cards may not be that popular anymore but that doesn’t stop you from making it. You can send it to loved ones who prefer the old-school style of greeting or who live in another country.

Alternatively, you can use the card together with your gift as a tag. Anyone receiving it will surely have a big smile on their face, especially when they see that it is handmade. Let the kids experience a card-making session to give them a taste of how letter writing works. For this project, you simply need a card, ribbons, shape punches, and assorted color paper stock.

Instructions: Using any colored paper, fold it in half to form the card. The size will depend on how big you want your card to be. In the separate colored paper, use the shape punches to cut out different shapes and sizes which you can use as a design on the front side of the card.

Arrange the cutouts how you would like your card to look. You can start doing a Christmas tree shape and then add a ribbon on top. If you’ve got ribbons with different colors, you can use that also as the body of your Christmas tree.

Feel free to make the tree as colorful as possible. Once you’re done with the card, do not forget to write a note inside wishing the recipient a happy holiday this season. Seal it in an envelope and you’re good to share your own personalized Christmas cards or better yet hang it on your Christmas tree as Christmas decors. 

Twig ornaments

This one involves a quick outdoor activity of looking for small twigs in the yard. The adult can do this while the kids prepare the other materials. It’s a simple home décor that you can hang on the doors, the Christmas tree, or anywhere in the house. Cut the twigs into small parts and make sure to remove pointed edges.

You will need thread, ribbons, glue, sparkles, glitters, and of course the twigs. Making this is easy, kids can follow easily without too much effort. The ornaments are made just by wrapping the thread or ribbon around the twig. 

Instructions: Once you’ve gathered the twigs, clean them up and brush off the dust. Glue together the twigs in the shape you want to form. You can make a star, a snowflake, a gift, a wreath, or a Christmas tree.

Cover the twigs with thread or ribbon according to the design you want. You can also add sparkles and glitters to it. Use different colors of thread and ribbons to make it look fun and sparkly for the occasion. Hang the ornament in your tree or the door of your room to create good Christmas decors. 

Felt wreath

Felt Wreaths
Felt Wreaths | Photo from Mel Poole in Unsplash

A wreath is one of the most popular ornaments used for Christmas. It is usually made up of materials that resemble a bunch of leaves. You can see it hanging on doors come the start of the holiday season. This project gives a twist to the classic felt wreath, making it kid-friendly and fun to do. All you need are green felt, a red ribbon, glue, and some simple red ornaments.

A Christmas wreath is a good project to begin as a tradition in the family. Family members can gather to decorate the wreath including the kids who can do the ceremonial hanging. Annual traditions such as this would be memorable because it gives kids something to look forward to every Christmas. This cute and fluffy Christmas wreath is a sure stunner on your door this holiday season. 

Instructions: Get two shades of felt then cut into strips. Tie the strips alternately around a wreath. Once you have the base for the wreath, add the red ornaments securely using glue to make sure they won’t fall when it’s hung. Add a long red ribbon on top to hang. You can now hang the wreath on your doors or the wall as it can be the best Christmas decors at home. 

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Christmas character loot bags

Christmas decors project is both functional and fun. You can use the loot bags for your parties at home or as a giveaway to your friends this Christmas. Stuff in some candies, snacks, and small tokens to the bag and you’re good to go. Kids will enjoy receiving one as well as making one.

Making Christmas character loot bags would make a fun activity for your kids and other children. Just gather treat/ loot bags, tape, stapler, printed photos or designs from the computer, and colored papers. What’s good about this is it is inexpensive; you may want to add more stuff inside for the kids. 

Instructions: If you’re making a bunch, it is highly recommended that you cut first all the design or printed photos of the characters that you plan to make. Best to use construction paper for a sturdier texture. Once you have all the cut-outs ready, you’re now ready to assemble. Start with the cheeks then work your way throughout the face. Glue the cutouts to the front side of the paper bag.

You can add different embellishments like beads and buttons to the eye and the smile of the character. This will give it a unique look. You can choose to do Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Reindeer, elf, or any Christmas character you prefer. Dry it out for a while and you’re ready to place the content inside. Apart from being a loot bag, you can also use the item as a gift tag, cardholder, or décor in your feast for Christmas. Kids like assembling crafts so this will be finished in no time. 

Celebrate Christmas in the City of Smiles

The Christmas season may be quite hectic for many but finding time to spend quality time with your family is priceless. The spirit of Christmas is about family so giving them your time and energy is a gift they would appreciate. Crafts are one way to develop the skills of children as well as their values of generosity, kindness, and friendship. They would bring these unforgettable Christmas memories with them when they grow up. 

In this pandemic, since outdoor activities are limited, you can try making crafts inside the comforts of your own home. Your condo is a safe space to spend time and bond with your kids this holiday season. If you’re looking for an affordable condo in the South, Bacolod City in Negros Occidental is an ideal place to invest. 

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