How to Design an Industrial Interior for Your Condo

How to Design Industrial Interior in your Condo

It takes a great deal of courage to expose everything, and modern industrial interior design is all about exposing everything beneath to achieve the raw, edgy look.

What other styles strive to conceal, the industrial style design proudly displays.

Structural elements are transformed into showpieces, creating an unfinished look that is both cohesive and chic, which are essential characteristics of an industrial look.

Industrial home design is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, being used to style loft apartments, commercial spaces, and even some modern homes.

Perhaps born out of necessity in attempting to convert old or abandoned warehouses, factories, and barns into urban living spaces, the industrial look is unique in its celebration of engineering and mechanical ingenuity.

The Characteristics of Industrial Interior Design

The juxtaposition of the raw and refined, the sleek and modern and the vintage and classic, is an intriguing aspect of modern industrial design.

I’m sure you arrived at this article in search of an industrial design definition and other pertinent information about industrial decor ideas. You will receive much more than that.

Additionally, the contemporary interior design elevates open concept living to a new level. The furniture and accessories that are typically found in industrial style homes define the majority of spaces and their function. As a result, each and every detail is carefully considered.

While industrial interior design ideas are typically minimalist, there is plenty of opportunity to inject drama into the space by juxtaposing high-gloss metal finishes with rustic or vintage cabinets, countertops, and furniture. Form and function are both critical factors in industrial modern design.

If there is one surface in such spaces that fits the definition of industrial modern design, it is the ceiling. That is typically where the style’s distinguishing feature manifests itself.

Bare beams, visible ductwork, and pipes add visual interest and dimension to an otherwise invisible surface in other design styles. The industrial style home has a unique appearance.

Those considering a modern industrial style renovation would be wise to create a mood board prior to embarking on the project. Additionally, ensure that you have the necessary tools or a contractor to complete the job. You can purchase tools at your neighborhood hardware store or online.

Here are some fundamentals of modern industrial style design to remember, as the home decor definition may deviate from more conventional architectural and interior design patterns:

Pipes, beams, and ducts exposed in contemporary industrial design

This is truly the industrial design industry’s defining characteristic. Leaving exposed structural and mechanical elements that other styles invariably conceal has been the most audacious move in recent design history.

Industrial design concepts pushed the boundaries of classical architectural categories while remaining true to the fundamental concepts and definitions of comfort.

When people began converting former industrial spaces for residential use and earning a living in their industrial modern home, practicality and creativity combined to create this trend.

By avoiding the expense of covering all exposed pipes, beams, and ducts that ran alongside the high ceilings and walls, it also preserved the building’s history. It is a critical component of the industrial design concept.

Interplay of wood and metal

Modern Industrial Design in Living Area
Modern Industrial Design in Living Area | Photo from Cottonbro in Pexels

The delightful textural contrast between grainy, earthy wood and smooth, lustrous metal is a very popular industrial interior design trend in homes with an industrial style.

Many opt to amplify the metal presence by including high-sheen steel or chrome accents in the kitchen and light fixtures as part of their vintage industrial decor ideas.

Some even incorporate a wooden clock with metal accents to achieve a functional and modern appearance. If you’re unsure where to place your wall clock, you might want to consider the following wall clock placement tips.

Metal items are frequently used to add a black accent to a modern industrial interior design. As a result, many people believe that black is an excellent metal color. This does not mean, however, that you are powerless to intervene. The good news is that you’ll still have some leeway when it comes to finishing the metal item. Polished metal, in particular, appears modern and smooth, whereas rusted and brushed metal should contribute to the rustic look of your interior.

Another modern industrial design idea is to incorporate a rustic look that creates an inviting yet relaxed atmosphere in your interior. With this concept, you can incorporate a variety of metal finishes while still maintaining a cohesive look in the final design. This can be accomplished by selecting two or three distinct finishes and repeating them in different rooms. The repetition should demonstrate that the design was deliberate and not coincidental.

Industrial interior design with color

Warm, neutral hues are typically preferred in industrial-style homes, which are typically large and open. This pattern fits neatly into the relatively new category of industrial-chic design.

Such hues contribute to the visual warmth of industrial style rooms, which are often overshadowed by the coolness of metal pipes and ducts. Gray tones complement an industrial-style cabinet extremely well.

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Walls in industrial interior design

Many lofts and old factories that are converted using industrial interior design ideas include a brick or concrete wall that is part of an exposed industrial ceiling and can be transformed into an amazing feature in the restyled space; see Visionary for more conversion ideas.

This is a significant benefit of the industrial style of home decor because it stands out as an eye-catching feature that serves as a conversation starter.

If it does not appear worn enough, distress it further to add drama, or opt for a minimalist industrial design.

Industrial home design floors

Floor Surface of Industrial Interior Design
Floor Surface of Industrial Interior Design | Photo from Max Vakhtbovych in Pexels

To maintain the industrial feel of the interior design, many choose polished concrete floors. This is a practical and cost-effective option that fits perfectly with the industrial interior decor theme. To the industrial design house, coarseness, imperfections, and patches are irrelevant.

The result is breathtaking. Timber or stone floors are preferred by those seeking to add contrast and warmth to an industrial interior design. Both of these flooring options work exceptionally well in creating a warm industrial design atmosphere.

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Lighting for industrial interior design

Although this is a difficult aspect of industrial decorating ideas, there are numerous lighting options available today.

For focused lighting, floor lamps and pendants are liberally used throughout industrial design spaces. Track lighting is an excellent option for lighting the industrial interior’s ambient areas.

Recognizing the rise of industrial interior design trends, an increasing number of retailers are stocking vintage pendants and floor lamps with a metal finish or distressed finish that are ideal for such rooms in rustic industrial interior design.

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The industrial modern interior design décor consists of a variety of elements

Industrial Interior Condo Study Area
Industrial Interior Condo Study Area | Photo from Rachel Claire in Pexels

All of those exposed structural elements would be overwhelming if not for the industrial home design’s softening décor.

By starkly contrasting with the industrial features, plush couches, scatter cushions, and rugs bring visual balance to the modern industrial decor.

Plants also add a sense of coziness to the industrial modern decor.

When it comes to plants, the larger the better is the rule to follow for industrial interiors, as smaller plants would be lost in the vast space of a former industrial warehouse.

While there are some fundamentals to bear in mind if you want to pursue industrial interior design, it’s critical to remember that there is some room for creativity. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

You can choose to complement the industrial elements with ultra-sleek, lustrous, and modern metal finishes for a highly polished contemporary décor that evokes an industrial chic vibe.

Alternatively, you can create a more rustic atmosphere by incorporating a lot of richly textured wood and vintage accessories to offset the industrial elements. At every price point, you’ll find everything you need. Whichever option you choose, it will be a bold statement that will define any contemporary style definition.

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