4 Easy Interior Design Themes For a 1-bedroom Condo

1-bedroom Condo Interior Designs

Due to space constraints and rental agreements that prohibit permanent changes, decorating a 1-bedroom condo unit can be challenging. However, the added difficulty does not preclude you from creating a design that is truly remarkable.

The following are four stylish 1-bedroom condo unit designs, along with tips on how to achieve the same aesthetic. Not only will you learn how to create these sleek looks, but you’ll also learn how to apply the same technique to any interior photograph that inspires you!

1. Contemporary Contrasts

Contemporary Interior for 1-bedroom
Contemporary Interior for 1-bedroom | Photo from Leeann Cline in Unsplash

The 1-bedroom condo unit pictured above is an excellent example of a contemporary design that makes effective use of neutral shades. The black accent wall in this living room packs a powerful punch against the fresh white walls while also seamlessly blending in with the decor—not an easy feat!

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Design Suggestions for a Diverse Contemporary 1-bedroom Condo

Construct Contrast

The simplest way to accomplish this is with an accent wall. If you are unable to paint your condo unit walls, look for a removable wallpaper that allows you to change the color without causing damage. If you don’t want to change the walls, the next best thing to do is to use a large area rug, curtains, or furniture to create a bold contrast.

Lighting in Layers

Dark walls can work wonders in small spaces—in fact, they can enlarge them by creating the illusion of depth. To make these dark shades work on walls, however, the room must be adequately lit. Take note of how the design above illuminates each corner with three distinct sources of light: a pendant light, a floor lamp, and natural light.

Enhance with Luxe Accents

The gold accents sprinkled throughout add a touch of warmth to this bold neutral look, while the velvet chair in the corner adds a subtle pop of color—both of which help keep the design from feeling sterile. They work in tandem to unify the living room’s layout and lend it a luxe aesthetic.

2. Calm Coastal

Calm Coastal Interior for 1-bedroom condo
Calm Coastal Interior for 1-bedroom condo | Photo from Annie Spratt in Unsplash

Even if you don’t live near a beach, you can infuse your 1-bedroom condo unit with coastal vibes. The bedroom, in particular, is an excellent place to incorporate coastal decor because it naturally emits a tranquil vibe that instantly transforms any space into a haven of relaxation.

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Design Suggestions for a Calm Coastal 1-bedroom Condo

Utilize Blue

It’s difficult to achieve a beachy vibe without embracing the blue hues of the sky and water. If you’re looking for something vibrant and youthful, opt for bright blues. You can opt for more muted tones for a chic and sophisticated look.

Include Texture

Rattan, wicker, and jute are all excellent materials for infusing your design with soft, sandy tones and texture. The woven headboard in this bedroom accomplishes this, but other options include a jute throw rug, a wicker chair, or a rattan lamp. Woven wall hangings are another option if you’re looking for decor that won’t damage your walls.

Plants as an Accent

A houseplant, whether it’s a small potted plant on an end table or a large tree, can elevate your coastal vibe to new heights. If you want to create a tropical atmosphere, use dracaena or orchids.

3. Awe-Inspiring Minimalist

Minimalist Interior for 1-bedroom Condo
Minimalist Interior for 1-bedroom Condo | Photo from Sonnie Hiles in Unsplash

Minimalist condo interiors are ideal for those seeking an uncluttered aesthetic. Not all minimalist designs, however, are as fashionable and eye-catching. It adds a pop of color with a bold yellow chair with a simple silhouette, while its angular accents and geometric art also contribute to the way it draws the eye.

Design Tips for a Minimalist Condo That Is Wow-Worthy

Appropriate Use of Geometric Elements

Often, all that is required to inject some personality into a minimalist space is a well-chosen piece of geometric art. Prints are frequently the best option for this due to their widespread availability and affordability on almost any budget. Geometric wall decals, on the other hand, are worth considering. Additionally, you can incorporate geometric elements into your decor via lamps, end tables, textiles, and accessories.

Create a Statement

A well-placed accent can frequently make the difference between a mediocre minimalist condo and one that is truly remarkable. While the use of a bright yellow chair, a vintage piece with an intriguing texture, a large piece of wall art, or a colored accent wall can all achieve a similar effect.

Utilize Covered Storage

With a minimalist design, you want to give the impression that you don’t have much stuff—even if that isn’t the case. As a result, concealed storage is critical. Ottomans, cabinets, storage baskets, and a lift-top coffee table are all excellent options for concealing everything from charging cords to remote controls.

4. Luxurious Sophistication

Sophisticated Interior for 1-bedroom Condo
Sophisticated Interior for 1-bedroom Condo | Photo from Ralph Ravi Kayde in Unsplash

A sophisticated luxury 1-bedroom condo design does not have to be expensive or complicated to impress guests and add a touch of artistic flair. Often, the trick is to combine metallic and matte finishes to create a subtle contrast that transcends color. Additionally, a few pieces of abstract art never hurt to create the illusion of a posh gallery.

Tips for Designing a Sophisticated Luxury 1-bedroom Condo

Make it Convenient

Comfort is the foundation of a luxurious aesthetic. To create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in your condo unit, try adding overstuffed accent pillows, a plush throw rug, or an oversized accent chair.

Metallic Interiors

Silver and gold both have an undeniably luxurious feel. Metallic accents work well in lamps, picture frames, tables, mirrors, and vases.

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Go Abstract 

Abstract wall art exudes an air of luxury and wealth, especially when printed on gallery canvas or framed. If you’re not in the market for original abstract artwork, you can always create your own or purchase an art print on canvas.

Ready to Design your 1-bedroom Condo?

Designing a 1-bedroom Condo
Designing a 1-bedroom Condo | Photo from Shop Slo in Unsplash

It does not have to be difficult to design the 1-bedroom condo unit of your dreams. Finding photos that inspire you can help guide your design and provide the impetus you need to begin your decorating journey. We are not implying that you must replicate every detail in a photograph. Rather than that, attempt to incorporate elements from the design in your own way. This way, you can achieve the style you desire while creating an entirely unique 1-bedroom condo unit design!

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