City or Suburbs: Which Lifestyle Would You Choose?

Growing up in the suburbs leave us having the desire to experience the promising city life. Likewise, growing up in the busy metropolis leave us looking forward to tranquility and respite. This is why, It’s difficult to know when and where to settle down. Primarily, which between the city or suburbs would be best to live a condo lifestyle.

On Living in a City or Suburbs

Most individuals who grew up in the hectic streets of the metro want to take a vacation. Moreso, they want to breathe the pure air of the provinces. For this reason, they prefer to dwell in the suburbs, which can offer a kind of rejuvenation for them. How can they resist the sea breeze, warm sunrays, and chilly water? On the other hand, there is this city living desire. Primarily, those who originally dwell in the suburbs cannot resist the convenience and innovated lifestyle in the metro. How can they refuse the comfort of the metro? How about a night life in a popular hangout place? Furthermore, how cany they say ‘no’ to the advanced lifestyle experience? However, is it possible to experience a city or suburban lifestyle at the same time?

Many regions in Metro Manila have been developing in recent years. Moreover, key cities in the suburbs are now taking a step forward. As a result, they are now emerging to be at par with the advancement of Metro Manila. For this reason, many investors and homeowners are now considering the suburbs. It is because they hold a great potential hold in the next years.

Experience a lifestyle of a city or suburb in a communicity

What is a communicity?

A “communicity” is a master-planned urban development that integrates residential development, commercial and retail establishments, facilities, amenities, and business outlets. Moreover, a communicity is a combitation of the words community and city. This is a concept where both city or suburban benefits are reflected as an integral whole. The advantages of living in a city such as convenience and advancement as well as the advantages of being in a laid-back culture and closer to tourist locations give homeowners with all-in lifestyle access. Indeed, communicity propels residential landscapes into the future by creating a breathable and walkable community to live in.

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The Perks of Experiencing Both the City or Suburbs

Easy Lifestyle Access

When you are living in a home where everything is within reach, you can expect having an easy lifestyle access. With nearby establishments of a communicity, your needs and wants are met with ease. Likewise, it gives you the luxury of alloting your time. A time to be spent on other important things that will let you grow and move efficiently. In other words, your regular to-do’s will all be just a piece of cake.

Vacation is always at Home

Given the carefully-crafted green spaces and resort-themed amenities in Camella Manors, you will always feel like being in a vacation. Hence, it saves you from the hassle of expensive booking or reservations just to find a place for your leisure. Furthermore, most Camella Manors projects are near tourist spots. In this way, you can have all the time in the world to take a splurge in just a few minutes away. You can also take advantage of one’s proximity to the tourism hubs to open up a rental business that will serve as your passive income.

Balanced Lifestyle

Who says that experience a laid-back lifestyle is only attainable in the suburbs? Little did you know that communciities of Camella Manors offer a kind of refreshing lifestyle setup because of its pine-estate landscape across the country.

Imagine waking up at the sight of a panoramic landscape every single day as well as inhaling fresh pounds of oxygen amidst the hustle of city life outside. Indeed, coming home to a communicity offers a kind of environment that you could not see in a skyscraper and concrete-built metropolis.

Sustainable Lifestyles

Communicities craft sustainable lifestyles where vast properties offer facilities, amenities, community structures and commercial establishments closer to a city than a mere residential village. It brings all your needs in one go.

From the most basic necessities to the bigger items, communicities will make life easier as you don’t need to travel far and endure the long commute in order to meet your needs.

n the communicity of Camella Manors, its affiliated brands such as AllHome, AllDay Supermaret, Coffee Project, and Bake My Day are just a few walk away from your residential unit. Should you need home repair and renovation tools, AllHome is there to provide it for you. On the other hand, AllDay Supermarket will serve as your lifestyle pantry since all your grocery needs are within reach. If you are craving for some sweet treats and invigorating coffee, then you can have it in Coffee Project and Bake My Day.

Where to live a city or suburban lifestyle?

Camella Manors Caloocan

Condo in Caloocan | Camella Manors Caloocan
Camella Manors Caloocan Community Perspective

There is a growing community in Caloocan where you can experience both worlds. Camella Manors Caloocan will soon rise along Camarin Rd., Caloocan City; it is the first mixed-use condo – first in North Caloocan, just a few minutes away from the province of Bulacan, and Lamesa Eco Park, which is extremely excellent for individuals who wish to connect with nature conveniently while in the city.

With Camella Manors Caloocan roof deck garden amenity, you can enjoy the Caribbean pine trees in the community without having to travel for hours just to take a picture with the pine trees, and be mesmerized on an unobstructed view of both metro and nearby provinces. Imagine those amazing experiences while taking a quick break with a cup of coffee while enjoying the scent of the pine trees in a serine community.

Camella Manors Caloocan, being located along Camarin Rd., Caloocan City, can also provide you with the utmost convenience, as it is just a few minutes away from the ongoing MRT 7, and Metro Manila Subway, aside from alleviating the heavy traffic that we were experiencing, the travel time will be much easier and faster, and we will be able to reach our destination hassle-free and comfortably in just 30 minutes. Since many people are searching for a sensible investment as well as a holistic condo lifestyle, Camella Manors Caloocan can provide both.

In conclusion, you can have both a life of a city or suburbs. Having such conveniences and experiences in one location is undoubtedly a lifestyle unlike any other as you can readily relax and engage in exciting activities while avoiding long commutes away from the Metro.

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