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Camella Manors SJDM City Now on the Rise

Camella Manors SJDM City - Condo in Bulacan - Community Perspective

This 2022, Camella Manors enters into a year of breakthrough with a vision to expand a maginhawa and matagumpay na buhay concept across the Philippines. From the 6 key cities, the community is now welcoming its new addition to the family – Camella Manors SJDM City in Bulacan.

Why in Bulacan?

Bulacan has a lot to offer in terms of recreational and beautiful sites, which contribute to the area’s tourism. Furthermore, the province is very near to Metro Manila, where opportunities abound for Filipinos. Because of its closeness to all necessities and comforts, Bulacan is one of the best areas to invest in a pine-estate condo in Bulacan.

The Hidden Gem of San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan

San Jose del Monte City, which has 59 barangays, now has 651,813 people, making it the most populous city in Central Luzon, according to the 2020 census. Moreover, San Jose del Monte has 105.53 square kilometers of land, accounting for 3.79 percent of Bulacan’s total area.

Fun and a productive life may be expected in SJDM. The city is full of places that make inhabitants happy. This allowed them to enjoy the benefits of living in a highly urbanized metropolis. The city of San Jose Del Monte is also quite simple to access from various areas around the nation, thanks to the numerous infrastructural initiatives constructed to make living in and out of the Metro perfect for everyone.

San Jose Del Monte in the Past

Originally, San Jose del Monte was a part of Meycauayan. However, because to the Spanish government’s reductioncion, SJDM became a municipality in 1752. Reduccion is the process of eliminating densely inhabited regions in order to facilitate the spread of Catholicism. After the reduction of Meycauayan, San Jose del Monte became a municipality.

A Former Hideout

On the other hand. the Dumagats and Itas tribes of Bulacan were largely concentrated in Meycauayan. They were later transferred, however, once the Manila Archbishop established new municipalities in 1750. These tribes traded items like wine, salt, wild pigs, and deer with one another. Two years after the Archbishop’s decision, the city of San Jose del Monte was established. Hence, these tribes became the city’s first residents.

After almost two decades under governmental oversight from Sta, SJDM became an autonomous municipality in 1918 under Mayor Ciriaco Gallardo.

San Jose Del Monte: The Balcony of the Metropolis

Being at the balcony lets you see opportunities through a bird's eye view in San Jose Del Monte - Camella Manors SJDM City - Condo in Bulacan-min
Being at the balcony lets you see opportunities through a bird’s eye view in San Jose Del Monte | Camella Manors SJDM City – Condo in Bulacan

Geographically, San Jose Del Monte is part of the Sierra Mountain Range. The city has an elevated stature which rises 40 to 900 meters above sea level. Thus, residents of Camella Manors SJDM will surely experience a natural cold breeze scenic views in the area. Furthermore, the city shifts from a warm lowland to a cold upland.

San Jose Del Monte (SJDM), a highly urbanized city in Bulacan, is the Balcony of Metropolis, a surprisingly dynamic area where everything is within reach for residents—the greatest restaurants, stunning tourist attractions, exciting festivals, and an abundance of local chances. Making this city a permanent home is a step closer to creating a well-balanced existence, one that thrives in periods of growth and adversity.

Being in close proximity to the Metro, Camella Manors SJDM City offers a greatest vantage or even a pedestal to wise investors. It gives investors a bird’s eye view of on the continuous growth and progress of the province.

A Rising City

The City Government advocates for efficient mobility towards a walkable green community without compromising the local economic and infrastructure development

Rich in Tourism

Hiking at Mt. Balagbag

Mt. Balabag is one of the tourist destinations if you are seeking for the excitement of outdoor areas and quiet retreats. Mt. Balabag, also known as the Mt. Pulag of Bulacan, will captivate you with its grassy slopes that surround the route. The mountain is vast, which is great if you want to spend the night there. If you are new to hiking, you need not be concerned because Mt. Balabag is classified as a minor climb. The mountain may also provide you a beautiful glimpse of its waterfalls.

Have a Splash at Grotto Vista

The Grotto Vista resort is another destination in San Jose del Monte that you might consider visiting. This resort is advised if you want to enjoy the greatest staycation possible and rapidly unwind from the fast-paced life of the metropolis. It’s only 15 minutes to the north.

There are various pools in Grotto Vista, each of which is unique. Because of its function hall, which can accommodate up to 400 people, the resort is also a fantastic setting for receptions, seminars, and other events, making it an ideal pandemic escape. You may also make a reservation for one of their hotel rooms if you want to relax for the night.

The Rising Investment Hub in Bulacan

The recently completed and continuing construction projects—NLEX-SLEX link road and MRT Line 7—ensure that individuals working at the Metro will have a shorter commute time. These projects complement the existing road networks around SJDM, such as the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), and the Tarlac-Pangasinan-Union Expressway (TPUE) (TPLEX).

Exploring SJDM might be one of the most enjoyable local tours in the country, considering the range of places and events available to travelers. Here are a few tourist attractions in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan that would make anyone fall in love with the city.

Camella Manors SJDM City: Your New Pine-Estate Home in the North

Camella Manors SJDM City brings the Tagaytay and Baguio feels in the North with its Caribbean Pine Trees in the community.

Residents of Camella Manors SJDM City will experience harmoniously living with nature like no other. Apart from that, it gives them a sense of comfort and rejuvenation knowing that nature is closer to home.

Imagine living in a hometown that is rich in heritage and culture while experience the progress of its economic landscapes. Given the pine-filled landscape in the area, Camella Manors SJDM will surely blend into a laid-back lifestyle amidst growth and investments.

Indeed, Camella Manors has a lot to offer to those homebuyers and investors alike.

What are you waiting for?

Come home to the Balcony of the Metropolis and experience an unparalleled pine-estate lifestyle today at

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