How to Establish a Wealthy Mindset?

How to Establish a Wealthy Mindset - Camella Manors - Pre Selling Condo in the Philippines

Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? Furthermore, are you drowning in a pool of debt to pay your monthly bills? Cultivating a wealthy mindset is one of the keys to being financially secured. Subsequently, affording the lifestyle we desire for ourselves and our family. Who doesn’t want to be capable of providing the basic necessities? Moreso, who does not want improving the quality of life, relationships, and experiences of the people they care about?

If attaining financial independence is your dream, you have to think like the rich. Having a negative perspective about money such as thinking that money is the root of all evil. Other negative thoughts include earning a lot of money is bad or believing you can never afford nice things. These can cloud our judgments and push away the possibility of attracting money into our lives. The way we think about money can greatly influence the actions we do in order to build wealth.  

5 Best Practices for a Wealthy Mindset

Here are some of the steps that we can do to develop a wealthy mindset: 

1. Visualize your goals

Part of cultivating a wealthy mindset is visualizing realistic goals - Camella Manors - Condo in the Philippines
Part of cultivating a wealthy mindset is visualizing realistic goals | Photo from Envato

If you want to achieve something, it’s important to set specific and realistic goals. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but make sure that your goals are clear, meaningful, and can be reasonably accomplished given the available time and resources. It helps to write down your personal goals in your journal and regularly keep track of your progress. You can also create a vision board at home that illustrates both your short term and long term goals as a family. This can help you visualize your desired future, and it will serve as a motivation for you to achieve it.  

2. Find your purpose

Defining your “why” is crucial in getting you through the challenging times in life. Perhaps it’s your children, your parents, or the community you want to help. Knowing who we are and what we can contribute, embracing our own unique skills, and having a clear sense of purpose bring meaning to our lives. Our “why” gives us a reason to wake up every morning and do something for the world. Ask yourself why you want to be wealthy. Whom do you do it for? How can it impact the lives of others? Remember that financial success and material possessions are nothing if our lives feel empty and devoid of happiness and fulfillment.

3. Keep on learning

Successful people always find ways to invest in themselves. Spend your time wisely by continuously educating yourself about money management and investing. Read lots of books about financial literacy, develop a new skill set, learn how the stock market works, take free online courses, and surround yourself with people who share the same wealthy mindset. You can even get a coach who can mentor you about business and life.  

4. Say your affirmations and practice gratitude

Before you become rich, you must first believe that you are capable of becoming rich and that you deserve it. Instead of punishing yourself with negative self-talks and limiting beliefs that sabotage your growth, be your own cheerleader and recite your daily affirmations to attract abundance and wealth. Tell yourself positive things such as “I am worthy of financial success,” “I live a rich and full life,” “I choose to welcome miracles and limitless possibilities,” and “Money creates a positive impact in my life and in the lives of others.”

Aside from repeating the affirmations, learn to be grateful with what you have, find value in what you do, and appreciate all the good things that happen to you.  

5. Take concrete actions

Actions are still the main force that will drive a success to your goals - Camella Manors - Resort-themed Condo in the Philippines-min
Actions are still the main force that will drive a success to your goals | Photo from Storyblocks

Now that you’re done with mapping goals, establishing the habit of continuous learning, and conditioning your mind for wealth, it’s time to take action. Be in control of your finances and make money work for you instead of you working for money.

Chances are, you want to be your own boss someday rather than spending your life working for someone else as an employee. Start by being frugal, living below your means, and saving money from your salary. Find side hustles to earn additional cash or generate passive income by renting out your property. You can also start a profitable business that you feel passionate about. Instead of buying new gadgets or just watching all your savings sit in a bank account, choose to invest your money wisely. 


If you’re considering investing in real estate, this pre-selling condo in Caloocan is an ideal choice for you. Camella Manors Caloocan can be a sustainable source of passive income for you and your family, and it can also serve as your permanent residence in the metro or a resort-style vacation home.  

The first mixed-use condo development in North Caloocan is found at the heart of Camarin Road. The condo’s strategic location in the metro brings a wealth of business opportunities for those who want to have a property investment in the Philippines. Because the residential property is in one of the most populous cities in the country, the property’s market value is potentially high. 

Caloocan, a highly urbanized city in the National Capital Region, has grown into a preferred settlement among people from the metropolis because of its thriving industrial and commercial centers, as well as its huge residential area. 

Plenty of opportunities also come with having a residence near Quezon City. The condo’s proximity to Bulacan, a province that is popular for its rich cultural heritage, is also a bonus.  

Cultivate a Wealthy Mindset in a Convenient Lifestyle in Caloocan

Enjoy a well-balanced life in Camella Manors Caloocan with a blend of city and suburban living. This resort-themed condo in the Philippines has its own commercial complex and lifestyle amenities that are perfect for homeowners and investors. Residents will experience the comfort and convenience of condo living, having access to the swimming pool, clubhouse, function hall, fitness gym, playpark, jogging path, and garden roofdeck. 24/7 security is provided for your safety and peace of mind.


A wealthy mindset starts in a refreshing and breathable home - Pine-Estate Condo in Caloocan - Camella Manors Caloocan
A wealthy mindset starts in a refreshing and breathable home – Pine-Estate Condo in Caloocan – Camella Manors Caloocan

Camella Manors Caloocan is also accessible to lifestyle centers, business hubs, and other major establishments in the city. This condo in Caloocan is only two minutes away from Caloocan City North Medical Center, 10 minutes away from SM City Fairview and Ayala Fairview Terraces, and 10 minutes away from National University Fairview and Our Lady of Fatima University-Lagro. 

Commuters who have to travel to other parts of Metro Manila can soon use the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 for transportation. Once the railway project is done, Camella Manors Caloocan will just be 15 minutes away from the Mindanao Avenue Station of MRT-7, which will link North Avenue in Quezon City to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. 

Camella Manors Caloocan is a 2.5-hectare project that features five residential towers with 15 storeys each. The condo for sale has studio units at 23.76 sq.m. and 28.55 sq.m. and one bedroom-type units at 30.36 sq.m. 

Click here for additional information and inquiries about the property. Come home to Camella Manors Caloocan now! 

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