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First-time Condo Buyers Guide: What Amenities To Look For

While the location is critical when picking a condo property in the Philippines, first-time condo buyers and tenants will always choose the most excellent condo facilities.

When individuals search for a condominium, their first criteria typically restrict the number of bedrooms and revolve around the monthly payment or rent. However, as the search continues, individuals will hunt for critical information about themselves and their families or roommates. It may include the unit’s closeness to public transit, its pet-friendly status, or the kitchen’s equipment. While each of these characteristics is crucial and may be a deal-breaker, the next part of the search process will contain a summary of condo amenities.

Condo amenities are non-essential elements of a condominium that improve the living experience, boost enjoyment, or promote productivity. These are not generally accessible services such as running water or heating in the winter, but rather certain tempting elements that a building may provide that make it more desirable than equivalent alternatives in size, price, or quality.

What Is It About Condo Amenities That Attracts First-time Condo Buyers

When looking for a condo property, prioritize the essential facilities to your lifestyle. Consider what will make life more comfortable in this new location (for months, if not years) and what is not worth the increased rent or facility expenses. Having a gym on-site might be a massive advantage if you like physical activity. If that does not appeal to you but a weekend swim does, a rooftop pool is a more enticing choice.

Landlords, building owners, managers, and developers must assess which facilities give the most value for money. On-site daycare, for example, is only beneficial if it attracts families with steady incomes (and long-term leases). Other facilities, like a pool, involve a substantial initial investment, construction expenses, and continuing maintenance—but they may be profitable if the feature keeps the building occupied and tenants or condo owners pleased.

Comparing Characteristics to Amenities

Amenities are conveniences included in a property or building for the benefit of inhabitants and their interaction with the structure. While having a stove in a condo building is a needed feature, having an event room equipped with a catering kitchen that hosts parties and big gatherings is an amenity.

How Are Amenity Fees Determined?

While certain facilities include rent, other buildings charge an additional amenity fee to enjoy amenities such as a gym or a rooftop.

While you may be able to keep away from the price if you do not plan to utilize the facilities, an amenity fee, facility fee, or common charge is another monthly expenditure to consider. Inquire about and clarify the amount of any lease signing fees and whether they are mandatory.

Common Condo Amenities

The facilities offered will change depending on the location, the city or region’s demographics, and the sort of inhabitants the owner desires to attract. Is the building situated in a town with a collegiate population? Or is it a more family-oriented community?

While office space designed in a building is aimed toward young professionals, the family population may prefer a play area or daycare. Nonetheless, a few condominium facilities will pique the interest of the vast majority of potential tenants. When hunting for your new house, keep the following possibilities in mind.

Transportation And Parking Facilities

When it comes to finding a new condo, most first-time condo buyers prioritize transit. While knowing that the condo is near a metro or bus station is excellent, this information is valuable for individuals who commute through public transit. On-site garages, covered parking, and allotted parking places are enticing to people who own a vehicle. Bike storage may be a pleasant facility for bikers, and those without automobiles may enjoy a courtesy shuttle to the nearby railway station or retail area.


Numerous technology advantages, such as online leasing, rent payment, and maintenance requests, are regarded as perks.

Laundry Alternatives

Is there a community washing facility in the building, or possibly an on-site laundry service or dry cleaner? Laundry is a must, and if your condo lacks an in-unit washer and dryer, you’ll want to learn about the building’s laundry alternatives (if any).

Pet-Friendly Communities

Suppose a building permits dogs, the treatment and care of such pets while on the premises may be considered an amenity. Is the condominium complex equipped with a doggy daycare facility or an on-site pet walker? Is there a dog park or a dog walking track in the area?

The Building’s Amenities

Elevator access, a doorman, and a dedicated (and safe) package room are all facilities that fluctuate in importance according to the individual’s lifestyle. These conveniences will come at a cost, most likely in a higher rent than a similar condo in another building—but if you have a newborn who needs a stroller, an elevator is a must-have.

Suppose you live independently or have safety concerns. In that case, it may be worthwhile to pay a higher rent or charge to reside in a building with a doorman, security cameras, a security guard, or gated access. Additionally, the facility may contain on-site composting, a recycling center, or a curbside recycling pickup.

The Community’s Amenities

Affordable Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Swimming Pool Amenity
Affordable Condo in Davao – Northpoint Davao – Camella Manors – Swimming Pool Amenity

On-site gyms or fitness centers, pools, and even a playground or community center contribute to tenants feeling more secure (and at home) in their building.

Whether it’s a communal outdoor grilling area for cookouts, a multi-purpose space leasable for parties and gatherings, or a library and media room for studying or working from home, amenities enhance the resident experience.

Additionally, community facilities such as events and workshops may help promote a feeling of community.

The amount you pay in condo fees includes an amenity charge for the building. If you’re contemplating buying a new condominium, you should examine the condominium cost and the facilities that come with it. Camella Homes, a primary developer of real estate assets in the Philippines, breaks down the main amenities provided with its new condominium offering in Camella Manors from a functional and budgetary perspective so you can make an educated selection. 

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