Top Reasons Why You Should Try The New McCafe Cereal Milk Drinks

Grab these new and limited edition McCafe cereal milk drinks! 

McDonald’s has recently introduced a new addition to their popular McCafe drinks – the McCafe Cereal Milk Drinks! The delicious goodness of cereal milk and the bold taste of Mcdonald’s premium coffee merge to make a refreshing and delightful beverage! 

We can’t gatekeep these any longer, so here is why we have loved these cereal milk drinks – so far! 

It has that unique and nostalgic sweetness of your favorite breakfast drink!  

The McCafe Cereal Milk Drinks lets you indulge in toasty-sweet, creamy sips that bring back a wave of nostalgia, taking you back to those childhood days when you eagerly anticipate waking up to a bowl of your favorite cereal. Now that we are all grown adults, coffee is undoubtedly your go-to drink now, and you sure can’t miss reliving the taste of your favorite drink in an adult-beverage version! 

The McCafe Cereal Milk Selections lets you choose between creamy drinks – Iced Coffee with Cereal Milk, Iced Latte with Cereal Milk, and Coffee Float with Cereal Milk. The McCafe Cereal Milk Drinks do not only incorporate the creamy goodness of milk, but also capture the essence of your favorite cereal milk, for that fresh pick me-up anytime!

It caters to all kinds of coffee lovers! 

The McCafe Cereal Milk Drink Selection caters to any kind of coffee lover that suits your mood and taste preference. 

First is the classic Iced Coffee with Cereal Milk, which is definitely the perfect solution for those who are constantly on the go. Instead of sitting down to devour a bowl of cereal, you can simply grab a McCafe Iced Coffee with Cereal Milk and enjoy it conveniently on your way to work, and perk up for the day – hassle-free! 

If you want to elevate your coffee in an indulgent way, then the Iced Latte with Cereal Milk is the drink for you. This cereal milk drink combines the boldness of espresso and the creaminess of cereal milk, topped with lush, whipped cream, offering you an indulgent coffee experience. 

If you are more into a fun drink that does not compromise the strength of coffee, McCafe offers the Coffee Float with Cereal Milk. This drink boasts the perfect combination of the rich taste of coffee, toasty flavor of cereal milk, and the mouth-watering sweetness of McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream

It comes at an affordable price! 

Another reason to try this new McCafe creation is the affordability that it offers. McDonald’s has always been known as everyone’s favorite fast food chain and for its budget-friendly food and drinks, and the McCafe Cereal Milk Drink is no exception to that! For a fraction of the price of a fancy coffeehouse drink, you can enjoy a delightful beverage that will leave your taste buds satisfied which only starts at PhP65

These McCafe Cereal Milk Drinks can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether you have it for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon drink, this beverage always guarantees a burst of flavor and refreshment whenever you decide to indulge in it. 

So, head over to McDonald’s today and treat yourself to the new and limited edition McCafe Cereal Milk Drinks – your taste buds will thank you!

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