Life Realizations As A Mid-Age 20s Adult

This is a reminder that you matter, and we’ll keep going! 

Life Realizations As A Mid-Age 20s Adult

Ahhh the mid-20s! A phase where you are not too young, and not too old, an age where one can be in a lot of struggles – as a single, a young mom or dad, a breadwinner, or a working professional. This age range marks a significant period of transition and self-discovery for many young adults. It is during this time that individuals begin to fully grasp the responsibilities and challenges that come with adulthood. As one navigates through this stage, various life realizations become apparent and shape one’s perspective on life, relationships, and personal growth. 

In the perspective of a mid-age 20-something-year-old, here are some quick realizations. 

Age is indeed just a number. 

At this age, we realize the importance of personal growth and self-development and focusing more on evolving ourselves. This is the time when we understand that personal progress is not merely a product of age but rather a conscious effort to continuously learn and grow in all aspects. We appreciate learning more, and recognizing that investing in self-improvement, whether through education, pursuing hobbies, or engaging in new experiences, is crucial for personal fulfillment and long-term success.

Good health keeps you going. 

As young adults starting to have responsibilities, we all come to understand that our overall health and well-being should take precedence. We realize the significance of prioritizing self-care, such as maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and managing stress levels are important to keep us going day by day. Mental health is also important for us, and luckily, we get to be aware of it more and this aspect is now addressed in a more enlightened way. This awareness leads to a healthier lifestyle and a deeper appreciation for self-preservation.


For some, it’s a dream more than the paycheck. 

I know some wouldn’t agree, but personally, I have realized that at this age, it’s more fulfilling to chase and pursue our dreams. A high salary without the happiness and fulfillment will take a toll and make you exhausted as time passes. Transitioning into the working world, I started to comprehend the importance of finding work that aligns with my passions and values. Gone are the days of merely chasing a paycheck (but it’s good as long as you are thriving and satisfied with that job), I have realized that seeking purpose and fulfillment in my professional life is vital for being happy and truly successful. 

You do you.

Societal pressures and expectations start to fade in significance during this phase of life. Young adults realize that trying to meet everyone else’s expectations can be exhausting and detrimental to personal growth. Instead, we start to focus and prioritize our own goals and desires, realizing that their happiness relies on self-fulfillment rather than external validation.

Financial literacy should be a priority. 

Financial literacy becomes a life realization that emerges at this age. At this age, we come to understand the importance of managing money wisely, saving for the future, and investing intelligently. This new awareness helps them make informed decisions regarding finances, fostering long-term financial stability, and making investments at a young age. 

We are always a work in progress. 

Young adults at this age realize the value of embracing failure and learning from it. We now understand that setbacks and mistakes are inevitable, and rather than getting discouraged, we perceive rejections and failures as stepping stones to success. This resilience helps us grow personally and professionally and fosters a positive mindset.

Stepping into this age is full of blurred visions and struggles, but also with the balance of having fun and being young. This age is defined as a transformative and enlightening phase of life. The various realizations discussed contribute to a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. These realizations help us navigate the challenges of adulthood, fostering personal fulfillment and paving the way for a purposeful and happy life – that is all up to us. 

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