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Top Advantages of Condo Ownership

Are you debating whether to purchase a condo as an investment? If so, keep reading because I will go through…

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Types of Condominium

Invest In Condos: Put Your Extra Money on Real Estate

Invest in Condo | Many people think that condominium is only for people who can afford luxuries that want expensive…

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How to be a good neighbor in a condo community-near-lifestyle establishments - Camella Manors

Importance of Living in a Good and Healthy Condo Community

Human as we are, without a doubt, the concept of community is vital to human existence. The environment we are…

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Types of Condominium

The 6 Types of Condominium You Need to Know

Condominium living has several advantages. From community living to walkable urban areas, condominiums are an excellent choice for first-time home…

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Tips on Housing Loan Application

4 Tips on Housing Loan Application in the Philippines

If you are ready to purchase your own property in the Philippines, locating and obtaining the best housing loan application…

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Pre selling Condo Bedroom Perspective

Condo Living: How To Improve Your Unit Ventilation

Achieving good indoor air quality has become a top issue for many homes around the country, particularly those who suffer…

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Natural Greens in the Living Room for the Holidays

How To Keep Your Condo Safe and Secured On Christmas

If you’re heading off on holiday, you will want to travel with the peace of mind that your home is…

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Disadvantages of High Rise Condo

Ultimate Disadvantages of Buying a High-rise Condo

For a variety of reasons, high-rise condo is desirable to live in. It increases your chances of having a more…

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Why is life in the province a best option - Camella Manors - Pine-Estate Condo in the Philippines

Life in the Province: Reimaging Modern Living

Reimagining Life in the Province The onset of the pandemic in 2020 triggered an exodus of young professionals moving back…

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Things to Consider When Buying a Home - Camella Manors - Pine-estate Condo in the Philippines

7 Things to Consider When Buying Your Dream Home

Priorities differ when it comes to purchasing a home. The purchasing process is complicated and time-consuming, and it is easy…

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