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Earn a 2.5% referral fee for every successful sale*

Even you are working as a professional, a fresh graduate, a stay-at-home parent, anyone can earn at when you refer a buyer at Camella Manors. Earn additional income as you refer a successful condo buyer and share the effort in fulfilling their dream of owning a property. 

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Earn to every successful referral in Camella Manors

Use your influence to earn more and elevate your lifestyle with ease - all without the commitment of being a property specialist nor leaving the confines of your home.

Earn when your Refer a Buyer at Camella Manors

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*Amount of potential earnings is based on the 2.5% referral fee from unit price net of discounts, taxes, and other charges.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Camella Manors Refer-a-Buyer Program

Easily earn with Camella Manors high-quality and exclusive project portfolio nationwide.

Camella Manors Refer-a-Buyer Program gives you an opportunity to become an Camella Manors Referral Business Partner wherein you can earn additional income while helping your friends and family to find a new home.

Just endorse a client to your assigned Seller and they will update you on the purchase status.

The program is open to all individuals ages 18 and above. 

As one of our successful referral business partner you are entitled to earn a 2.5% commission from the net price of the sold property. 

A marketing officer will get in touch with you to discuss the accreditation process as one of our referral business partners at Camella Manors. The marketing will also ask a few questions to help you land a successful referral sale. 

You may submit any number of referral recommending any condo properties for sale at Camella Manors.

Camella Manors Referral Program FAQs