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Get to know how you can become part of Camella Manors growing number of successful goal-driven individuals. 

Kickstart your passion to drive sales and become property advocates of Camella Manors today. Read the full seller’s guide and see you at our property areas.

Sellers Guide Camella Manors Quick Steps

Become an Accredited Camella Manors Seller Today

Allow us to guide you step-by-step in your winning journey with Camella Manors. 

Please follow our guide to get accredited with us and be part of our Camella Manors Broker’s League! 

Step 1 

Download (downloadable pdf) our Accreditation Form or sign up here. 

Step 2 

Submit the form to [email protected] together with the following requirements: 


  1. PRC Identification Card (ID) 
  2. PRBRES Certificate 


  1. TIN ID, Address and Birthday of Brokers & Salespersons) 
  2. BIR Certificate of Registration (2303)  
  3. Official Receipt (Booklet from BIR) 
  4. HLURB Certificate 

Step 3 

Camella Manors Broker Relation Officer will contact you for the confirmation of the submitted form via email and/or phone call. He/She will also provide you your very own Seller’s Portal account for you to access the pricelist and other marketing updates real time. 

Step 4 

You will be invited for a Site Tour and Product Knowledge Seminar (PKS)  

Camella Manors has experience on bringing our dream and vision intro life as we handle diverse of people who chose to live on their chosen paths together with our projects. 

Get in touch with us and see why it is so easy to make a career in selling with Camella Manors. 

Future. Opportunities. Life Outside The Box. 

Note: Please make sure to renew annually.