Best Gift Ideas for the Graduates of Batch 2021

Best Graduation Gift Ideas this 2021 | Camella Manors

Graduation is an important milestone for every student. It is the culmination of your education after several years of hard work and perseverance. At last, no more late-night reviews, early- morning quizzes, or midnight brigades. As a graduate this 2021, you are probably thinking what are the best gift ideas this 2021 to ask for.

It’s also time to say goodbye to your classmates and friends who played big part in your journey as a student.  Your graduation is the end as well as the start of something new. As you close this one chapter of your life, a new beginning unfolds.  

This year marks the first batch of graduates under the pandemic. Due to the threat of the virus, schools adapted a full online learning experience, shunning the traditional face-to-face interaction. Classes are now held virtually—with exams and recitations done through digital platforms. Graduations are no exception. School events are now celebrated online to comply with the new normal protocols to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Despite the situation, it shouldn’t stop us from celebrating this major event in your life. Being a graduate is a testament to all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into learning throughout the years. Reaching this point is by no means an easy feat, especially with the challenges of online learning. To commemorate this special occasion, check out the list below of the top 10 gift ideas for the tenacious graduates of Batch 2021.  The list contains the most practical gifts that they will surely enjoy as they move along to the next chapter of their lives.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Graduates of Batch 2021

Check out your favorite online shops to save yourself from the hassle of going out. Be sure to check reviews online before purchasing any item as you find best gift ideas for the graduates.

A New Gadget

Probably the most practical thing to gift, a new gadget may be in the form of a brand new phone or a laptop. Their old device may have been long due for a replacement, but due to school expenses, this may have been set aside. Students tend to overuse their device for a long period of time. Now that they are graduating, consider retiring their old devices and say hello to a new one.

A laptop or a phone is a necessity for sure to any type of work. Whether they are going to pursue further studies or venturing into their first jobs, having a good laptop or phone will give them a lot of benefits. There are many brands and models to choose from, so be sure to consider the graduate who will be using the device.

New Gadgets for the Graduates this 2021 | Camella Manors
New Gadgets for the Graduates this 2021 | Photo from Toma Areno in Unsplash

Tip: Buying gadgets for another person may post quite a challenge because you don’t know what their real preference is. Make sure to read reviews before purchasing anything or better yet, just ask them if they are eyeing for a specific brand or model.


Airpods are heaven-sent for anyone who loves moving around while listening to something. This gift will be loved by the user for its ultra-compact and lightweight features. The Airpods Pro cancels noise and fits securely to the ears. It also has a good battery life. These wireless earbuds for Iphone users can be used while traveling, commuting, listening to your favorite podcasts, or making phone calls. With its trendy style and functionality, this device will surely put a smile to anyone who loves good quality sound.

Airpods as Gift Idea this Graduation | Camella Manors
Airpods as Gift Idea this Graduation | Photo from Insung Yoon in Unsplash

Tip: If you have a bigger budget for the gift, you may want to check out the Airpods Pro for a more upgraded version.

Gaming device

Gaming was perhaps one of the hobbies your new graduate enjoyed as a student. You see them play on weekends or during their free time. Now that they’ve finished their course and has more time to spare, give them a gaming device they’ve been wanting to have for the longest time.

Other options aside from a gaming device is an online game or an accessory to their gaming. There are many gaming apps and devices to choose from so asking them what they want won’t be a bad idea at all. Showing that you support them in their studies as well as their hobbies will surely be appreciated by them.

Gaming Devices for the Graduates this 2021 | Camella Manors
Gaming Devices for the Graduates this 2021 | Photo from Ehimetalor Akhere in Unsplash


Why not give something that can help capture special moments? A good camera not only gives an IG-worthy picture, but helps you remember a certain time or moment in your life. Give your graduate a chance to reminisce a memory by giving them a good quality camera that he or she can use for a long time. Looking for a new profile picture or a hit travel post?

The camera got you covered. This could also be the start of pursuing a new hobby or a passion as a photographer. Do not forget to take a good snap of the graduation to immortalize the joy of this special occasion.

Camera as a Gift Idea for Graduation | Camella Manors
Camera as a Gift Idea for Graduation | Photo from Nordwood Thermes in Unsplash

Tip: If you’re looking for an alternative to a digital camera, try an instant film camera. This type of camera is gaining popularity in the recent years because of its retro look and cool features. It can be a classy yet one of the good gift ideas for the graduates this year.

Streaming Subscription

If your graduate is a huge fan of watching series and movies, you can never go wrong by giving a free streaming subscription. There are multiple streaming services offering different mix of shows. Some shows are just exclusive to a certain platform that’s why having a subscription from another streaming service would open a whole new world of content.

In the Philippines, there are many streaming services available so better to check first what type of content does the graduate consume.

Subscriptions to Online Shows as a Gift this Graduation | Camella Manors
Subscriptions to Online Shows as a Gift this Graduation | Photo from Souvik Banerjee in Unsplash

Tip: There are bundle promos available for accounts in pairs or by group. You can have multiple gift idea for the graduates come true!

Hobbies Gift Set

Is the graduate a coffee aficionado, a plant enthusiast, or a starting baker? Whatever their hobby is, there are gifts sets available online ready to be delivered in a snap. Online shops can be found on social media, offering different types of products and services. This type of gift is a practical one as it will be used by the recipient often. You don’t need to wonder if they will like it or not. In fact, giving a gift set related to their hobby shows how much you know that person.

Golf Set or Hobby Set as a Graduation Gift | Camella Manors
Golf Set or Hobby Set as a Graduation Gift | Photo from Kindel Media in Pexels

Tip: A gift basket usually comes with a note or a dedication so don’t forget your congratulatory message.  

Coffee Press or Coffee Maker

Coffee is a huge part of any student’s life. It’s what kept them awake during those all-nighters. Now that it’s time to reap what they have sown for the past few years, it’s high time to ditch instant coffee and upgrade their coffee experience with a brand new coffee press or coffee maker.

Enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee, hot or cold. That caffeine kick will surely give the graduate the energy he or she needs to face the new chapter of life. Investing in a good coffee maker can also help you save a lot of bucks instead of buying expensive coffee from cafes.

Coffee Maker as a Graduation Gift this 2021 | Camella Manors
Coffee Maker as a Graduation Gift this 2021 | Photo from Tim Douglas in Pexels

Tip: You can also opt for a coffee press or a coffee grinder for other options.

A New Bike

Since the start of the pandemic, biking has gained a new popularity because of its practicality. Due to the limited public transportation, more and more people are using bikes to commute or to get to work. There’s also less traffic when you go around the metro using a bike. There are many types of bike that you can give as a gift. Depending on the purpose, prices of a bike may vary.  

There’s a budget friendly one which you can use to go around and there’s also the higher end bikes for the more experienced biker. Biking is also a good hobby to practice because it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

New Bike as the Best Gift Idea for the Graduates | Camella Manors
New Bike as the Best Gift Idea for the Graduates | Photo from Murillo de Paula in Unsplash

Tip: If possible, add the helmet and other gears to keep the biker protected and safe.

A Car

If you’re the type who likes going extra when it comes to gift giving, a car would be the best option for a new college graduate. Not only will it enable them to be mobile when they go around looking for a job, having a car will also give them a sense of responsibility and discipline in their new life as an adult.

Save them from the hassle of commuting; having their own wheels give them total independence as they learn how to navigate by themselves. Before buying a car, consider the model’s practicality. Most new drivers do not know how to handle repairs. Choose also a car that is fuel-efficient.

Car as the Best Gift Idea for Graduates | Camella Manors
Car as the Best Gift Idea for Graduates | Photo from Mike in Pexels

A Condo Unit as the Best Gift Idea for the Graduates

Living solo after graduation is one of the most exciting times in the life of a young adult. After living with their parents for the past twenty years or so, they finally get the freedom and independence they’ve long been waiting for. As they venture into this new chapter of their life, looking for the perfect place to settle in will a play a big factor.

A condo unit in the city is probably one of the best gift ideas for the graduates as it will provide the convenience and the security needed by yuppies starting out their careers. It is also a good investment as market prices in real estate quickly increase in just a few years’ time.  

Condo Unit Best Gift Idea for the Graduates for Batch 2021 | Camella Manors
Condo Unit Best Gift Idea for the Graduates for Batch 2021 | Photo from Kara Eads in Unsplash

These 10 gift ideas for the graduates of Batch 2021 are just some of the things you can give to express your love and appreciation for the student who has worked hard to achieve this goal. It is the perfect occasion to share your happiness and pride for this once in a lifetime achievement. Special moments like these are not just the success of one, but of all the people who have been part of this incredible journey.

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Affordable Condominium in Batangas | Camella Manors Lipa
Affordable Condominium in Batangas | Camella Manors Lipa

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