10 Tips to Make your Condo Ready to Online Learning

Ways to Make Condo Ready for Online Learning

By this month, school season has begun in most parts of the country. Due to the pandemic, we have adopted online learning to keep students safe. Classes are now held not in classrooms but virtual spaces. Homes have become the new learning hubs since schools have not yet fully opened. 

To maximize learning during this time, how do we prepare our homes to be equipped for online schooling? Creating a healthy ambiance is key to better learning. It creates a positive impact on the student’s motivation to go to school. Studying in a space where noise and clutter are present can only decrease the mood and appetite of a student. 

Equipment is another good thing to consider. Since all classes are hosted virtually, having a reliable computer or tablet would be useful. A strong internet connection is also a must. These devices are some of the most important things to check when preparing for your study space at home. 

In the list below, we write down ten tips to make your condo unit conducive to online learning. From picking the right area to the furniture and light, these tips will come in handy in preparing your kid’s learning experience under the new normal. University condos are designed to cater to the needs of students. They are strategically located to make things convenient and easy for their dwellers.

Learning during these times can be challenging but also rewarding. Who says online learning cannot be fun? Aside from the safety it brings, it teaches students to be adaptable and versatile to the current times. 

Make your Condo Ideal to Online Learning with these 10 Tips

Choose a suitable area

Choose a Suitable Area for Online Learning
Choose a Suitable Area for Online Learning | Photo from Domenico Loia in Unsplash

Designate an area at home to be your official “study area.” This means a place for your classes and other school activities. As such, choose an area that is far from any distraction such as the TV or gaming devices. Refrain from choosing communal areas at home where people usually convene or socialize.

Choose a quiet place where you can concentrate and participate freely during online learning. If you have a spare room that can be converted into your study, the better. If none, consider your room or a nook at home with little to no noise. Studying could be quite a challenge already- you don’t want to be adding another layer of temptation that will veer away your focus. 

Pick furniture that you like

Sometimes, it takes a good chair to help you stay motivated. Choosing good furniture is important as it keeps you comfortable during your online learning classes. Depending on your preference, your study furniture doesn’t need to be the conventional computer desk and chair.

You can choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. However, avoid adding too much to your desk. It might look cramped and in turn, make you feel overwhelmed. Just include the necessities which include your supplies, writing materials, books, and gadget chargers. Your furniture doesn’t need to be new or expensive- you can use the ones at home or alter them as needed. 

Get good lighting and ventilation

Get a Good Lighting and Ventilation
Get a Good Lighting and Ventilation | Photo from Minh Pham in Unsplash

If possible, look for a spot near the window for good lighting and ventilation. Do not underestimate the power of these two as they can make a lot of difference. Opening the windows to let in some light and fresh air can do you good.

Natural light also helps improve your energy. It is also recommended to use a study lamp on your desk. Most students develop poor eyesight because of the absence of proper lighting sources. Do not attempt to study at night without lights because it will only cause your eyes to strain.

A fan is also a must to avoid feeling humid while studying via an online learning setup. The last thing you would want is to be sweating a lot while studying. A well-ventilated room can also prevent the accumulation of contaminants. If they build-up, you’ll likely be affected with allergies making you uncomfortable while in class. 

Tidy up

Tidy Up for Online Learning
Tidy Up for Online Learning | Photo from Roman Bozhko in Unsplash

Clutter can indeed make you feel stressed.A building clutter can be a source of distraction if not tidied up. Your environment plays a crucial role in your studies because it sets the ambiance or mood of your workplace.

Keeping it clean is not only hygienic but also strategic because it keeps everything in order. It saves you time when you need to look for a book, a pair of scissors, or anything missing.

Adding drawers or bookshelves will help organize your items. You can also jazz things up a bit by using a theme in your decorations. Remove items that are not relevant to your schooling such as gaming devices, gadgets, etc. Remember the saying “A cluttered desk is a cluttered brain.” Keep your desk clean to help you stay relaxed and focused.  

Manage noise

Noise can add to your mental stress. Instead of focusing or listening to your teacher, the noisy environment can take away your energy. Minimize noise by avoiding places that are frequented by people i.e kitchens, dining rooms, or living rooms.

TV noise and other background noise aren’t going to help you especially when you’re trying to compute during a test. Refrain also from setting up your study near the walls as noise from the other room can pass through. Add rags and other sound deflectors to your room to keep noise at a minimum.

Get rid of distractions (gadgets included)

One of the biggest challenges of homeschooling is the presence of many distractions. Truth be told, there are a lot of different distractions that come to you when you study at home. It can be the sight of your bed, the noise of house members, the dog barking, your unstable internet connection, and the list goes on.

While we all have varied sources of distraction, it’s good to veer away from its root cause to fully focus. Gadgets including cellular phones are a source of distraction, so it is recommended that you keep them for a while or put them into silent mode. Go far from the TV or radio as it can divide your attention.

This also applies to listening to music. If it works for you while studying, then keep it. Otherwise, if it causes you to be out of focus, ambient sounds should be fine. 

Organize your desk arrangement

How your desk is organized is a key factor in your studies. The layout of your desk should be designed to make your learning resources easy to find. You don’t want to be standing or reaching far for items such as a pen or paper while class is ongoing. You also want your books to be close to you.

However, avoid overcrowding by keeping only those you frequently use. Otherwise, store them in the drawer below. Remember also to dispose of finished sticky notes to avoid confusion. A well-organized study desk can be instrumental to help you produce really good results. 

Create a routine and set boundaries

The line between school and home may be blurry nowadays because of the pandemic situation. To avoid mixing personal life with school activities, learn to set boundaries when it comes to time management. Try to stick to your set schedule and avoid exceeding the designated time. This will help create a pattern in your daily activities.

Of course, you can alter your schedule every so often and on weekends. As a student, having a daily routine will keep you focused throughout the day. Create a routine from the time you wake up in the morning until you finish your class. Add a variety of other activities like exercising, learning a hobby, or anything that takes your eyes off the screen. 

Add a touch of green

Use of Plants inside the Studio
Use of Plants inside the Studio | Photo from Minh Pham in Unsplash

Based on studies, adding a touch of green can do wonders for your concentration. Having indoor plants such as a snake plant or aloe can be beneficial to keep the mood calm and serene. These plants are also easy to maintain with little water and sunlight. An orchid is also beneficial to increase focus. These fresh plants will keep you inspired as well as improve the air quality at home. 

Take a break

Lastly, do not forget to take a break. A quick break from online learning can brighten your mood. Pause if you’re stressed. Pushing yourself too hard will only drain your energy. Go out of your study room or pick up a quick game. You can also do a quick yoga run, meditation, or any exercise within the day. Keep yourself healthy especially during these times. 

Make studying in your condo an enjoyable experience. While schools have not yet fully reopened, why not use these times to learn new things with the guidance of your family. Choose a nook at home that you can call your “study area” and then arrange it as you please.

Decorate it with functional desk organizers and keep it clean. Having a good study desk and chair will give you comfort while studying. Stay away from the noise or in places where other members of the family commune to avoid distraction.

Your area of study should be stationed in a room with good lighting and ventilation. These are just some of the tips mentioned above that will hopefully improve your learning experience by ensuring that you get the best environment for your schooling. 

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