Palawan’s Most Beautiful Hidden Sites You Should Know

Beautiful Places Hidden in Palawan

Palawan is widely regarded as the best island in the world, and with reason. With its world-class beauty, this incredible place attracts thousands of foreign and domestic tourists each year – with Coron and El Nido at the forefront. Palawan, on the other hand, has so much more to offer.

Palawan is an incredible place in which the Philippines can take pride. We’re certain that there are still a plethora of undiscovered gems within this province. Allow it to remain hidden for the time being to preserve its unspoiled natural beauty. For the remainder, let us continue to be responsible tourists and contribute to their preservation.

Apart from the numerous well-known beaches and other well-known tourist attractions, there are several lesser-known locations. On this list, we identify eight of the ones that are undoubtedly missing at the moment.

Quezon Town

The municipality of Quezon is home to the renowned Tabon Cave Complex. It is a collection of 219 historically significant caves nestled within the 138-hectare Lipuun Point Reservation. Archaeologists discovered the first Filipino human remains here, dubbed Tabon men.

Linapacan Island

White Sand beach in Palawan You Should Visit
White Sand beach in Palawan You Should Visit | Photo from John Hernandez in Unsplash

Linapacan Island is located approximately halfway between El Nido and Coron in the Philippines. This lesser-known island is ideal if you want to spend your time relaxing on the beach without being distracted by large crowds or other distractions. Linacapan, with some of the clearest blue waters in the world, is undoubtedly one of Palawan’s hidden gems – at least until now.


Located southwest of Puerto Princesa City, the island of Cagayancillo is dubbed the “Mecca of Scuba Divers.” This is because the island is home to the world-famous Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, which is also known as the center of the Coral Triangle.


The starting point for anyone interested in hiking up Mt. Mantalingahan, Palawan’s highest peak is Rizal. Even if hiking is not your primary reason for visiting Palawan, exploring this town and its hidden caves and waterfalls as you hike up the mountainous side of Southern Palawan can be quite an adventure.

Barton Port

Port Barton – This sleepy fishing village located north of Palawan’s capital is gaining popularity among a variety of travelers, and with reason. Similar to El Nido’s beauty but without the bustling nightlife and throngs of tourists, as well as daily power outages, this laidback town may be the island getaway you’re looking for on your next trip.


Another undiscovered gem in Palawan is the island of Araceli. It takes approximately four hours by boat to reach the island, but the island’s unspoiled beauty more than compensates for the lengthy journey.

Brooke’s Point

If you want to experience Palawan’s countryside, Brooke’s Point is the place to go. Here, you’ll be able to see and experience the province’s natural beauty. Among the attractions are the Ecological Park and the AgriWorld Farm.


While the Balabac Islands may be at the top of everyone’s list right now, the “Maldives of the Philippines” remains one of the most difficult places to visit. The vast majority of islands and islets are privately owned. While those that are accessible – Onuk, Patawan, Camiaran, Candaraman, Sicsican, and Punta Sebaring – are places where you should be prepared to live as a castaway. Nonetheless, these clusters of islands in southern Palawan are unquestionably a slice of heaven on Earth.

Specific Hidden Places that are Missed Out

Hidden Places in Palawan
Hidden Places in Palawan

For years, international travel magazines have named Palawan the World’s Best Island. Without a doubt, Palawan is a slice of paradise. There are numerous jaw-dropping locations to visit in this region, ranging from Puerto Princesa and Coron to El Nido. These are the three most popular travel destinations. However, there are additional Palawan hidden gems that have yet to be discovered… at least by many.

Behind the soaring limestones of Coron’s lagoons and the pristine beaches of El Nido, buried treasure awaits. Therefore, if you’re up for taking your Palawan vacation to the next level, make sure you don’t miss these Palawan hidden gems!

1. Marimegmeg Beach

While Nacpan Beach is more popular than Marimegmeg Beach (locally known as Las Cabanas), the latter can be considered a hidden gem in Palawan that will take your breath away. The beach at Marimegmeg is a swimmer’s paradise. In comparison to Nacpan, which has a rip current that makes swimming quite difficult, Marimegmeg beach has calmer waters.

Additionally, Marimegmeg beach offers an incredible sunset view. Additionally, it’s an excellent place to go for a walk and determine which islands are suitable for island hopping.

2. Secret Beach

While this is not a secret, the name implies as much, which is why we’re labeling it a Palawan hidden gem. The Hidden beach in El Nido is concealed behind high natural stone walls, with only a small opening for entry and exit. Who wouldn’t want to pay a visit to this hidden gem?

3. Island of Onuk

While we’re on the subject of Palawan’s hidden gems, don’t forget to add Onuk Island to your itinerary. Despite its remote location, the island will provide you with an abundance of unforgettable memories and undoubtedly Instagram-worthy photos, thanks to its seemingly endless sandbars, red corals, and glowing white sands. What’s more remarkable is that Onuk Island is surrounded by an abundance of endearing sea creatures, including whale sharks, sea turtles, and dolphins.

4. Boodle Fight Restaurant & Lounge

The Boodle Fight Resto & Bar is a real treat for anyone interested in trying authentic Filipino cuisine. This one-of-a-kind restaurant offers a dining experience that many people are unfamiliar with back home. Served on a massive banana leaf and eaten with your hands, this El Nido hidden gem is a real treat for backpackers and holidaymakers alike.

5. Trattoria Altrove

Do you have a craving for pizza? Regardless of your preference for tomato and cheese-covered bread snacks, Altrove Trattoria is a pizza lover’s paradise. You might not expect to find an excellent pizza restaurant in this (relatively remote) location, but lo and behold, there is. Indeed, on the majority of nights, you’ll find yourself at the back of a lengthy queue.

The pizzas here are stone-baked, and many have commented on how perfectly cooked they were. If you’re a backpacker traversing the Philippines, or even Southeast Asia as a whole, snatching a bite of familiar food can feel like heaven. Altrove is one of Palawan’s hidden gems, simply because the pizza is that good.

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