Living in a Condo is Best for you: Here are 5 Reasons Why!

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The Perks of Living in a Condo

Are you looking for a sign whether living in a condo is the best choice for you?

Living in a condo is not just a fad anymore. It has become a lifestyle choice among millennials, starting families, and discerning investors alike. From convenience to security, there are a lot of condo perks waiting for you when you become part of the vertical community.

On the other hand, condo living offers more to life especially with a condominium like Camella Manors who gives a complete lifestyle package from its resort ambiance to its accessibility to lifestyle centers.

An Upscaled Lifestyle

Upscaled Lifestyle

Are you a young professional? A starting family? A discerning investor?

Living in a condo is the best choice for you.

Among the many condominium developments, Camella Manors is the perfect brand for your upscaled lifestyle. In our community, you are not just owning a condo space, but you’re also availing a complete lifestyle package.

Why does living in a condo like Camella Manors is an all-in lifestyle package? Below are the 5 reasons.

5 Reasons Why Condo Living is Best for You

1. Safety and Security

One of the promising features in a condominium is its safe and secured living space.

For instance, there are 24/7 security guards patrolling in the community with live CCTV monitoring in common areas.

In Camella Manors, the community offers exclusivity as it is surrounded with a perimeter fence. Moreover, there are guard houses in its entry and exit points. All people coming in and out will undergo a screening process for entry validation and security checks. The heightened security of our community will help you sleep better at night. It is because you know that your family is at ease being in a well-guarded home.

This primarily comes along with the projects of the brand being situated in Vistaland’s ‘communicities’, where the whole project area is close or beside another Vistaland housing brand such as Camella Homes, Lessandra, or Lumina. Thus, making the project more safer inside the Vistaland perimeter.

2. Lifestyle Amenities

Living in a condominium is definitely a lit! Condominiums provide a wide array of recreational amenities within the community. For instance, there are pools and gyms available for your lifestyle needs. Who have seen a condominium without these two amenities? Swimming pools and fitness gyms are a staple in any condo development.

What’s more?

Having these two staple amenities at your disposal beats the hassle of having to maintain it by yourself.

Resort-themed Community

Living in a condo with resort amenities such as swimming pools

When you live in Camella Manors, you will not just get a pool to have a splash under the sun for you will get even more than that.

In Camella Manors, your condo living takes place in a resort-themed community lush with green landscapes and suburban air perfect to rejuvenate in.

Space – Saver Facilities

A fitness gym is a staple amenity when you live in a condo.

For those who wanted to stay fit regularly, gym equipment is made available for condominium residents. Besides, owning a gym equipment is quite expensive and bulky for some spaces.

Hence, amenities are really an awesome condo perk since you use facilities without actually spending too much money and effort in maintaining it.   

Featured Amenities

Amenities vary depending on your condominium developer. However, your worth matters much so you deserve an all-in amenity to suit your needs!

Where can you find that?

Camella Manors will surely go all-in for you! A resort-themed line of amenities is not just it, the whole brand will surely take you home to its featured generous spaces of green living or its sub-urban themed community style. Expect better home vibe with Camella Manors suitable living condition.

Check out which Camella Manors property in terms of its amenities fits you well here.

Lifestyle Amenities

Aside from having a functional amenity and a thematic community, Camella Manors will also be hoousing commercial segments from Vistaland group of Companies. These lifestyle amenities will surely complete the way you wanna live in the city.

Commercial brands such as Coffee Project, AllDay Supermarket, AllHome, Vista Cinemas, Bake My Day, Etc. will soon be within the comfort and access from your doorsteps.

3. Prime Location

Aside from the initial amenities included in the condo, the location will always include facilities that make the establishment a prime location to live in. Accessibility is key when it comes to choosing your new home.

Thus, the proximity of having your school or workplace nearby always plays a big factor. Apart from that, transportation and ease of access in public commute is always highly considered. This is why most developers include the location in their planning process where they can strategically build their condos to make life easier.

Where can you experience this perk?

Camella Manors has it all for you!

Our community brags the prime locations of its projects as they are situated at the heart of communicities. Moreover, we are a condominium where we put convenience and accessibility into a premium.

Indeed, we make sure that all our projects are seamlessly integrated in all sectors of the society.

4. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance Staff in a Condo

Another amazing perk of owning a condominium unit is it’s easy to maintain.

Living in a condo saves you the luxury of time and money for repairs and other utility fixes since the maintenance personnel will do it for you. Hence, it saves you the hassle and worry in maintaining your own space. Besides, you got a whole bunch of assistance when you are living in a condo.

There is surely someone who will assist you in utility repairs, cleaning services and the like when you are living in a condo.

5. Premium Investment

Ongoing Mid-rise Condominium Construction

Condominiums in the Philippines were initially condensed in Metro Manila, but It has now made its way to the provinces. As a result, there is an increased opportunity into having new developments around the area. Also, it will increase the market and land value once developments are done in the provinces.

Have you made the decision yet?

The growing popularity and convenience of owning a condo and calling it your own home has never sounded more attractive with all these perks.

Search for that newest venture and find the next place you will call home!

Check out all the locations where Camella Manors will be building its next project and live higher as you move higher.

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