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Permanent Validity of Civil Registry Certificates in the Philippines Now on its Final Reading

Permanent Validity of Civil Registry Certificates in the Philippines - House Bill 9175 - Camella Manors - Affordable Condo in Philippines

Have you ever experienced the hassle of queuing in the civil registry offices? One of the reasons would be to secure a recent civil registration certifications. In the Philippines, the permanent validity of the civil registry certificates is now on its final reading. This is good news for all, especially to those who are looking for a job. Indeed, acquiring pertinent documents such as these should not burden Filipinos, particularly on the incurred inconveniences and additional expenses. Well, this might be good news for you when you apply for your affordable condo in the Philippines investment.

House Bill 9175 – Permanent Validity of Civil Registry Certificates

If you are living in the Philippines for a long time, then you will notice that most employers require a certified true copies of civil registry certificates as part of the pre-employment process. Hence, you will result to securing another copy from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The Philippine Statistics Authority or the Pangasiwaan ng Estadistika ng Pilipinas is the sole stasticial authority in the country the collects and analyzes economic, demographic, political, social, and general statistics of the people in the Philippines. Thus, they are the branch of the national government that conducts civil registration functions including the issuance of the birth, death, and marriage certificates or the civil registry certificates.

In 2019, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto argued that only a law can stop “the unnecessary, expensive, and oppressive” requirement of the private and government offices. Prior to the final reading regarding the permanent validity of civil registry certificates, most offices would require an applicant to submit a birth certificate, for instance, that was issued recently or in the past six months. Likewise, the Chairman of the House Committee on Social Services Rep. Alfred Vargas of Quezon City states that “an individual must secure a new copy every six months, if needed.”

In fact, Recto said that “Hindi naman ‘yan ulam o sardinas na napapanis. Kaya nakakalungkot na marami pa ring mga opisina na ang gusto ay bagong kuhang birth certificate, na isang pahirap sa isang aplikante.” In other words, Recto reiterates that civil registry certificates are not like perishable foods that can spoil anytime, so there should be a law stating for the permanent validity of civil registry certificates.

In addition, Recto has encouraged foreign embassies to vie away from asking recently-issued PSA-issued certificates in visa application.

The Permanent Validity of Civil Registry Certificates on its Final Reading

The first week of June is off to a good start with the passing of the house bill 9175 regarding the permanent validity of civil registry certificates in the final reading. Furthermore, the chamber announced a sine die adjournment with 199 affirmative votes and 0 negative and abstain votes.

In the language of law, a sine die adjournment literally means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing,” Hence, the approval of the bill is now in the hands of our respected senators until it reaches the President in order to become a law. Well, let us all cross our fingers for the successful reading of the House Bill 9175 into law.

The principal authors of the permanent validity of civil registry certificates bill are Bulacan Rep. Lorna C. Silverio, Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas, Guimaras Rep. Ma. Lucille L. Nava, Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, and Bataan Rep. Jose Enrique “Joet” S. Garcia III. All of them are aiming to eradicate the duplicity of inconveniences.

Moreover, Zarate reiterates “Pagkalipas ng isang taon, kung medyo luma na ang kanilang dalang kopya, hihingi na naman sila. Hindi natin alam kung hanggang kalian ang mga health restrictions, can you imagine ang hahaba ng mga pila para lang kumuha ng ganitong dokumento.” With his statement, it is true that the pandemic is still lurking around the corner; therefore, there should be less physical contact in terms of acquiring any government services. Therefore, the House Bill 9175 does not only seek convenience in acquiring civil registry certificates, but it also prioritizes the well-being of every Filipino.

The Provisions of the Permanent Validity of Civil Registry Certificates Bill

Once the House Bill 9175 will be a law, it will definitely fortify the goals of the Republic Act No. 11032 or the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018.

The Republic Act No. 11032 aims to foster the proper management of public affairs and property. Thus, this act prioritizes the efficiency of the delivery of the government services as well as preventing any acts of graft and corruption. One of the provisions is to simplify the requirements and procedures in any government transactions in order to expedite the process. Therefore, the House Bill 9175 will be one of the avenues for an efficient government procedure.

Specifically, the provisions of the permanent validity of civil registry certificates bill include the validity of birth, death and marriage registered and issued by Philippine foreign service posts, the defunct National Statistics Authority (NSO) certificates will be valid provided that it was printed on a security paper containing the Birth Reference Number or BReN code or barcode, and the offices should keep from asking for recently-issued birth, death, and marriage certificates in applying for jobs, visas, passports and the like.

On the other hand, the bill seeks to create a civil registry database and a virtual viewing facility for the verification of the authenticity of the civil registry documents submitted.

Above all, the permanent validity of civil registry certificates bill will be an effective system for Filipinos who will be saved from the hassle of queuing every six months in securing a recent copy.

Press Statement of PSA regarding the Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates

However, the National Statistician and Civil Registrar General Lisa Grace S. Bersales, Ph.D. clarifies on a press statement in 2016 that “the general public should know that birth certificates are permanent records of the identities of each individual and do not have expiration period.”

In addition, Bersales clarified that even though the PSA has been changing the security features of the document in order to prevent the proliferation of fraudulent civil registry certifications, still the old copies issued are still valid unless there are authorized annotations.

Above all, the PSA made it clear that the decisions of government and private offices requiring applicants to submit PSA-authenticated documents in the past 6 months is already beyong their control. Nevertheless, there should still be a law in order to stop the aforementioned offices in making the lives of the Filipino applicants difficult.

The Good News for Camella Manors Homeowners

Indeed, the House Bill 9175 is a great breather of convenience, especially to Camella Manors Homeowners who are seeking to apply in the private and government sector. With the permanent validity of civil registry certificates bill once passed into law, you will not be required to secure a recently-issued copies provided that the presented document is intact, readable, and authentic with security features.

Moreover, the bill states that one should secure a new, amended, or updated civil registry certificates once the certificates appear illegible or if there is an administrative correction or an approved judicial decree. certificate.”

In terms of marriage certificates, the permanent validity of civil registry certificates bill will only be valid if the marriage is not judicially decreed annulled.

Securing your Civil Certificates in PSA

Since the pandemic is still on the loose, the PSA is requiring that all civil registry applicants should settle an appointment first before going to their satellite offices. Hence, there will be no walk-in applicants in this period.

For more information, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]. You may also call their landlines number 8461-0500 local 702/703.

Securing Certificate of Live Birth

All countries have birth certificates that specifically and officially declares the birth of a child. It is a vital registry record since this document will be used to reinstate the identity of a person. In the certificate of live birth, it has the important details such as the person’s name as well as his time and place of birth. The name of his parents is also included in the record. According to PSA, a certification on live birth can either be in the form of a certified true copy or a representation of the original record.

Initially, the maternal mother’s physician will file the necessary forms to the appropriate government agency. For convenience, most physicans will usually head straight to the local civil registrar’s office. Hence, the certification of live birth is issued immediately upon the individual’s birth.

Besides, the birth certificate does not only declare the birth of an individual, but it is also a vital document that states one’s identity and nationality. Furthermore, it is one of the primary documents needed to obtain government-issued identity documents which include government-issued IDs. Thus, this certification is the proof that you exist and you belong to a certain nation.

Birth Certificate Information

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, anyone who will be securing a birth certificate should be made by the owner of the certificate or by his or her authorized representative at different different Census Serbilis Centers. On the other hand, you also have an option to apply online via

Below is the I=information to be provided for the Birth Certificate issuance:

1. Complete name of the child (first, middle, last), father, maiden name of the mother

2.  Date of birth (month, day, year)

3. Place of birth (city/municipality, province)

4. Current or late registration (If the birth registration is late, you need to specific the year when it was registered).

5. Complete name and address

6. Relationship to the child

7. Number of copies needed

8.  Purpose of the certification

Applying for Marriage Certificates

In a country governed by laws and decrees, a wedding is not enough to declare your married status. Although you have said your “I dos,” the state does not recognize it until you secure and apply for a marriage certificate.

The certification of marriage is a vital document that vividly declares the social union of two people in a kinship. Likewise, it represents a legal contract of a union in a matrimony. In addition, when two people were legally, economically, and emotionally united, a social construct called marriage is created. Regardless if the interpersonal relationship is within a certain culture or subculture, marriage is an institution that acknowledges the intimacy of a husband and wife. Furthermore, marriage is governed, recognized, and sanctioned by law. It is a legal consensual, and contractual relationship that is dissolvable.

On the other hand, the marriage certificate includes the significant details signed by the couple and all witnesses of the said union.

Unlike in birth certifcates, a marriage certificate only has a few needed information for application.

1. Complete name of the husband and wife

2. Date of marriage

3. Place of marriage

4. Complete name and address of the requesting party

5. Number of copies needed

6. Purpose of the certification

Procuring a Death Certificate

Finally, the states initiate that every deceased person should be declared with a death certificate. Since it is an official document, it specifically shows the name of the deceased as well as the date of birth and death. Therefore, a death certificate is the official statement of the death of a person.

Below is the needed information when you procure a death certificate for a deceased loved one.

1. Complete name of the deceased person

2. Date of death

3. Place of death

4. lace of marriage

5. Complete name and address of the requesting party

6. Number of copies needed

7. Purpose of the certification

Now that you are aware of the House Bill 9175 or the Permanent Validity of Civil Registry Certificates Bill, what is your stand regarding this? Would this be helpful or not? Share your thoughts on the comments below or you can share this post and ask your friends and relatives regarding their thoughts about this bill!

Nonetheless, making this bill into law will give you convenience in applying for your lifetime investment of your affordable condo in the Philippines.

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