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Enhanced Community Quarantine: Guidelines to Follow

NCR will be under the Enhanced Community Quarantine from August 6 to 20, 2021 - Resort-themed condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors

The Department of Health as well as the University of the Philippines – Philippine Genome Center (UP-PGC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirmed the existence of COVID-19 variants. Their bio surveillance discovered B.1.1.7 (Alpha), B.1.351 (Beta), P.1 (Gamma), and B.1.617 (Delta) variants. Hence, the national government has decided to implement restrictions to slow down the COVID-19 surge, particularly in the National Capital Region. Subsequently, the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) will take effect starting August 6 until August 20.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine will give the health system to cope with the increasing numbers, so it could protect more lives. The IATF elevated the restrictions and you need to be aware of the new Enhanced Community Quarantine guidelines this 2021.

Enhanced Community Quarantine Guidelines 2021

No Dine-In Services During Enhanced Community Quarantine

Only take out and delivery will be allowed during the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the NCR - Camella Manors - Resort-themed condo
Only take out and delivery will be allowed during the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the NCR | Image by Kai Pilger from Pixabay 

If you have enjoyed the new trend of al fresco dining during the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), then you might miss it out during ECQ. According to IATF Resolution No. 130-A, all food establishments such as restaurants, eateries, and commissaries will only be available for take-out and delivery.

Limited Pamper Services During Enhanced Community Quarantine

30% seating capacity for salons during enhanced community quarantine - condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors
30% seating capacity for salons during enhanced community quarantine | Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

For the meantime, there will be limitations when it comes to your beauty or pamper plans. During Enhanced Community Quarantine, all personal care services may operate up to 30% of seating capacity. However, these beauty salons, parlors, and spas can only accommodate services that will not compromise the wearing of face mask. Therefore, you need to reschedule your diamond peel or facial massage session for a while.

No Indoor Activities During Enhanced Community Quarantine

Camella Manors - Indoor Activities not allowed during Enhanced Community Quarantine
Indoor Activities not allowed during Enhanced Community Quarantine | Photo by Salman Hossain Saif on Unsplash

If you are planning to play badminton in an indoor sport court, then this is not the right time for you. It is because indoor activities will not be allowed during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Likewise, indoor tourist attractions will be closed for the meantime.

Nonetheless, the outdoor tourist attractions shall remain operational up to 30%. Subsequently, all visitors should strictly adhere to public health protocols.

No Religious Gatherings During Enhanced Community Quarantine

In the enhanced community quarantine, there will be no physical celebrations of the Eucharist. Hence, all religious gatherings will only be available online. However, IATF allows necrological services and funerals as long as the deceased did not die from COVID-19. Furthermore, only the immediate family members can visit.

Public Transportations for APOR only During Enhanced Community Quarantine

Public Transportation in full operation for APORs - Camella Manors - Affordable Condo in the Philippines
Public Transportation in full operation for APORs | Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

The Secretary of the Department of Transportation Arthur Tugade confirmed that there will be public transportations during the enhanced community quarantine. However, travels can only accommodate Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR).

“Restrictions will be applied on passengers. There will be stricter enforcement to ensure that only APORs are permitted to use public transport, as mandated by the IATF”

Arthur Tugade, Secretary of the Department of Transportation

Therefore, an APOR should always bring with him or her necessary documents or identification cards as proof that they have travel authorization.

On Public Utility Vehicles

Compared with the previous implementation of enhanced community quarantine in 2020, transportation is available this ECQ 2021. Hence, there will be available buses and jeepneys in operation for 2 weeks. Nonetheless, each public utility vehicle has 50% capacity and it exercises the rule of one seat apart.

Moreover, DOTr does not allow standing passengers. With the one seat apart rule, it entails that there should only be one passenger on the driver’s row.

On Tricycles

The operation of tricycles is subject for approval of the respective local government unit. DOTr only allows one passenger in the side car.


For those who do not want to commute via public transportations, then you do not need to worry. The DOTr allowed the operation of taxis. Thus, there will be motorcycle taxis and Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) operations as long as health protocols are followed.

On Trains

The LRT-1, LRT-2 and MRT-3 will be fully operational. However, there will be transport marshals who will be checking to ensure that the passengers are APOR and if public health standards are strictly observed.

On Sea Travel and Domestic Flights

The sea travel and domestic flights will be operational during the enhanced community quarantine. However, each travel will be subject to the respective community quarantine restrictions of the destinations.

How do I know if I am an Authorized Person Outside of Residence?

On a Facebook post by PNP Chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, he explained the criteria for authorized persons outside of residence (APOR).

There are three categories of Authorized Person Outside of Residence (APOR). These are the Workforce APOR, Consumer APOR, and Other APOR.

First, the Workforce APOR are the employees from permitted industries. In this regard, their destination or plans should be work-related. If you belong to the Workforce APOR, then you can cross the borders as well as you are not under the curfew system.

Authorized Persons Outside of Residence are allowed to travel in NCR - Camella Manors - Condo in the Philippines
Authorized Persons Outside of Residence are allowed to travel in NCR | Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

On the other hand, the Consumer APOR are the people who will go out of their homes to buy the essential goods and services. Hence, they should be able to present a quarantine pass. From the previous enhanced community quarantine restrictions, each local government unit created a quarantine pass.

The quarantine pass will only be given to one member of the household. This member will be the only one allowed to go outside to buy medicines and other essentials. Nonetheless, they are subject to curfew hours. Likewise, consumer APORs are not allowed to cross borders so their buying activities are only limited within their locality.

Finally, the other APORs are those working in humanitarian and medical services. Those people who have a schedule for vaccination belongs to other APORs category.

Knowing an APOR

To sum it up, you are considered an APOR if you are:

1. A health and emergency frontline service and uniformed personnel.

2. A Government official and/or employee on official travel.

3. A Duly-authorized person for relief and humanitarian assistance sectors.

4. A person traveling for medical or humanitarian reasons.

5. A person going to and from the airport

6. Anyone crossing zones for work in permitted industries

7. Public Utility Vehicle Operators

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Keep safe and stay at home. Let us cooperate for two weeks for the betterment of our country. Finally, get vaccinated today and let us achieve a herd immunity as soon as possible.

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