Jose Mari Chan: The Father of Philippine Christmas Music

Jose Mari Chan - Father of Philippine Christmas Music - Best of Jose Mari Chan's Songs - Camella Manors - Affordable Condo in the Philippines

Jose Mari Chan: The Father of Philippine Christmas Music

We are almost done through the year as the BER months swift in. Furthermore, we can already feel the Christmas vibe with the cold breeze setting in the atmosphere. Families are starting to set up their Christmas trees or decorations while some begin to find the best gifts as early as September. Amidst all these holiday activities, there is one remarkable man behind the Christmas carols being played in malls – Jose Mari Chan.

In fact, your Spotify playlist is already serving some Jose Mari Chan songs along with the other Christmas carols. On the fun side of things, the internet has been dominated once again by Jose Mari Chan memes because Filipinos expect that his songs will reverberate in public places.

Make a Meaningful Christmas

In a video interview with 24 Oras, Jose Mari Chan encouraged everyone to make Christmas very meaningful this year amidst the current global health crisis. One of the ways is to get vaccinated.

“How do you do that? Take care of your health. If you have not been vaccinated yet, please, please have yourself vaccinated. Because come Christmas, you don’t want to be sick in bed. You don’t want to be in the hospital.”

Jose MAri chan

In addition, Jose Mari Chan reiterated that a meaningful Christmas means sharing and loving those who are in need. Hence, he emphasized the importance of sharing one’s blessings to the hungry, unemployed, or underemployed.

Best of Jose Mari Chan Songs to Ignite your Holiday Vibe

Christmas in Our Hearts

Jose Mari Chan's Christmas in Our Hearts meant sharing and loving - Camella Manors - Condo in the Philippines
Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts meant sharing and loving. | Photo from XFrame

Jose Mari Chan has earned the moniker the “Father of Philippine Christmas Music” because of his most played song in public which is the Christmas in our Hearts. In fact, its album has been sold with more than 800,000 copies so far. Nonetheless, Jose Mari Chan said that his title should be given to those composers who are more deserving.

“I do not deserve that title. There were others, like the late Levi Celerio or Francisco Santiago, who had many beautiful compositions like Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Pasko Na Naman, etc. I really do not deserve the title, maybe only as ‘the current flavor”

Nevertheless, this song of Jose Mari Chan seems to be the advent of Christmas season in the Philippines as it is mostly played in radio stations or malls nonstop.

Trivia about the Song:

Did you know that this song was composed only for the silver jubilee celebration of the Assumption High School Class of 1963. However, Jose Mari Chan realized that the song imposes a deeper meaning and feels into it so he turned it into a holiday tune. Afterward, the song become a hit and it earned a triple platinum award by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. Likewise, it has become the biggest OPM Christmas album of all time.

Unveiling the Message from the Lyrics

Whenever I see girls and boys

Selling lanterns on the streets

I remember the Child

In the manger as He sleeps

Wherever there are people

Giving gifts, exchanging cards

I believe that Christmas

Is truly in their hearts

When you try to analyze the core message of Christmas in Our Hearts, then you will realize that Christmas is all about giving, loving, and being humble for others. It is because Christmas is not all about material things.

A Perfect Christmas

A Perfect Christmas of Jose Mari Chan means spending the rest of your days with your loved one - Camella Manors - Resort-themed condo in the Philippines
A Perfect Christmas of Jose Mari Chan means spending the rest of your days with your loved one. | Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

On the other hand, Jose Mari Chan’s “A Perfect Christmas” is 1990 Christmas hit that gives a romantic feeling to the listener as if telling that Christmas is really all about love.

I can’t think of a better Christmas

Than my wish coming true

And my wish is that you’d let me spend

My whole life with you

Based on the song’s excerpt, Jose Mari Chan lovingly tells her significant other that Christmas are better when you get to spend your life with the one that you love forever. Isn’t it the very same meaning behind Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day? That is, to allow humankind to experience an undeserving and eternal love from God. A love with no apprehensions, but only a passion that warms one’s soul.

The New Revival of Jose Mari Chan’s Songs

The pandemic has been with us since late last year. Indeed, it has changed lives in greater degrees, but Jose Mari Chan’s songs help us vividly remember that despite what’s going on, Christmas is still here.

New Lyrics for A Christmas in Our Hearts

During his 2020 interview with the morning show of GMA 7, which is Unang Hirit, Jose Mari Chan shared his new revival of his most famous Christmas in Our Hearts with lyrics pertaining to what we are experiencing this pandemic and how we should open our hearts more to those who are suffering.

“Whenever I hear girls and boys

Singing carols in my mind,

I remember the past

When everything was fine.

Whenever I see people

Giving gifts to those in need,

I believe this Christmas

We should be there to lead.

Let’s open up our hearts

For a bright tomorrow,

In any way we can

And drive out all our sorrow.”

New Lyrics for A Perfect Christmas

While the new revival of A Perfect Christmas represents how Christmas are spent apart due to the heightening health restrictions and rising cases of COVID-19.

“My idea of a perfect Christmas,

is to spend it with you.

We could Facetime an hour or two,

Any app would do.

Carry with you this Yuletide season,

it would light up my life.

Though we are distant,

You’ll see in my face

That my heart is with you.”

Lastly, if there is one thing that you could always remember about Jose Mari Chan, then it is his selflessness. Well, it reflects on how he delivers his songs, isn’t it? At the end of the interview with 24 Oras, he said: “God gave me the gift of music in order for me to share with his people. I always say yes.” Thus, he is easy to answer the requests from people. Truly, one of the spirits of Christmas, isn’t it? It is by giving and sharing what you have.

Apart from the maestro’s Christmas music, let us not forget the one behind Christmas, and that is the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Vibe in a Camella Manors Condo

Are you excited for the upcoming holiday season? What are the things that you are preparing as early as now in your Camella Manors condo? Well, for one, you can start setting up your Christmas trees or lighting up some Christmas lanterns on your balcony. There are lots of ways to make the Christmas spirit alive in your affordable condo home. If you are looking for Christmas décor ideas, then you may find it here.

Creating a Room within a Room in a Camella Manors Condo - Affordable Condo - Showroom Unit
Spice up your Camella Manors condo this Christmas season

Don’t forget to play Jose Mari Chan’s songs while decorating so you can really imbibe the feeling of BER months.

Let the Christmas countdown begin!

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