Province of Batangas: The Hidden Gem of the South!

Mt. Pico de loro, Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa - Condo in Lipa Batangas

The Philippines is renowned all over the world because of the diversity of its places that boasts uniqueness and natural beauty, making this country one of the best places to visit for scenic vacations. Famous tourist destinations in the Philippines include Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Vigan and so much more. However, taking a look away from the limelight, this beautiful country has so much more to offer. Hidden gems are hiding in plain sight. One of such is the province of Batangas.

Each province in this archipelago has something amazing to offer. The province of Batangas definitely showcases a complete roster of delightful surprises to capture the heart of a wandering tourist. Its very own culture, history, the sumptuous food, its diverse tourist spots and the Batangueño people themselves makes the province worth visiting.

What makes the province of Batangas special?

Rich Culture and Vibrant People

Travel back in time, take in the glory of the past. Wherever you are in the province of Batangas, you will see a glimpse of history and the unique culture of the province. Famous in the province are the many heritage sites and landmark houses preserved throughout the centuries. Some of these were the homes of the great heroes that played important roles in shaping the Philippines’ rich history.

Heritage Village in Taal, Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa - Condo in Lipa, Batangas - Pre Selling Condo in Lipa, Batangas
Heritage Village in Taal, Batangas | Photo from the Official Government Website of Taal

Another source of pride for the Batangueños are the products unique to their own, such as the famed Kapeng Barako, Barong Tagalog and the Balisong knife. Getting a pasalubong for a loved one from the province of Batangas is not a hard task because there are so many products to choose from.

The Balisong Knife in the Province of Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa - Pre Selling Condo in Batangas - Condo in Lipa
The Balisong Knife in the Province of Batangas | Photo from Tactical Life

A lackluster season in the province of Batangas is impossible to occur. All year round, there are also many festivals and events in the province of Batangas. Among the most famous festivals are the Sublian Festival in Batangas City, Coffee Festival in Lipa and the Parada ng Lechon in Balayan.

Sublian Festival in the Province of Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa - Condo in Lipa, Batangas
Sublian Festival in the Province of Batangas | Photo from Wow Batangas

Testament to the love for festivals and celebrations, one thing that you can’t miss in the province of Batangas is the vibrancy of its people.   Batangueños, although dubbed as being a “Barako” (which means tough, masculine and strong) are one of the happiest and most hospitable people you will ever meet. Every nook and cranny of a town is filled with loud laughs, “kwentuhan” and merrymaking. Experts at making you feel at home; they will surely make your stay memorable

Unique Tourist Destinations and Delectable Cuisine

The nearest cities and towns of the province of Batangas is just a few hours away from the busy metro. A miraculous gift of escapism, a weary urbanite can simply hop on for a drive and enjoy the best of Batangas. Blessed with beaches and marvelous natural tourist spots, the province is a haven for anyone dreaming of a blissful day. No matter what kind of adventurer you are, the province of Batangas has something in store for you.

The pristine beaches of Batangas are perfect for people who simply want to relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves. Not to be missed is the famous Laiya Beach in San Juan, Fortune Island in Nasugbu Batangas and Masasa Beach in Tingloy Batangas. If diving and snorkeling is also your thing, you can also find top dive sites within Anilao, Batangas.

Fortune island - Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa
Fortune island in Batangas

From under the sea, you can also seek to travel greater heights. The adventure does not stop because if hiking is on your list, then the province of Batangas also has a considerable number of mountains you can visit to achieve your next hiking adventure. Famous mountains to hike include Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Mt. Maculot in Cuenca Batangas and Mt. Manabu in Sto. Tomas Batangas. There is a mountain to climb, no matter what your skill level is!

Mt. Maculot Hike in Cuenca, Batangas - Camella Manors Lipa - Affordable Condo for Sale in Lipa, Batangas
Mt. Maculot Hike in Cuenca, Batangas | Photo from Track That Travel

Aside from natural sceneries, man made tourist spots are also worth seeing! The province of Batangas is comparable to a real life museum. All throughout the area, famed basilicas and places of worship make tourists gape in awe. Among the most recently made is the Monte Maria Shrine, featuring the world’s tallest statue of the Virgin Mary.

The Monte Maria Shrine in Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City - Camella Manors Lipa - Condo for Sale in Lipa Batangas
The Monte Maria Shrine in Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City | Photo from Premier Asia Pacific

For a one of a kind gastronomical experience, the province of Batangas is not left behind. The famous Batangas Lomi is a must try! Many tourists schedule their visit just to try this authentic Batangas Lomi, Batangas’ famous Bulalo, Tapang Taal and Longganisa, Gotong Batangas and so much more!

Batangas Lomi - Camella Manors Lipa - Affordable Condo in Batangas
Batangas Lomi } Photo from KKday

Why not enjoy this sweet escape, every day?

One of the biggest reasons why many people fall in love with the province of  Batangas is because of how well the past and the present blend in this province. Centuries of preserved heritage is still proudly showcased without compromising the luxuries and conveniences of the modern world. The charm of Batangas does not end in its beauty and vivacity. The province also flaunts a booming and continuously growing economy, supporting the lifestyle that every modern Filipino craves. The province of Batangas was hailed as the second richest province in the Philippines.

The biggest malls of the country are present in the province of Batangas. People from other provinces flock to the cities of Batangas to enjoy a recreational shopping experience. Businesses are also thriving in the province. The established industrial parks and welcoming economic environment makes the province of Batangas an ideal hub for both aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.

Everything you need is in the province of Batangas. What can be so much better is not just enjoying all that this province can offer in one visit. Why not choose to experience it every day?

Live in the Province of Batangas

Aside from various industries establishing their turf in the promising economic landscape of Batangas, real-estate developers have also set foot in this province. It is now so much easier to acquire a property in the province of Batangas. Amongst them all, Camella Manors Lipa is making its mark and setting standards in modern living.

The first of its kind, Camella Manors Lipa is the only resort-themed condominium in Batangas. Strategically situated in Lipa, City Batangas, one of the top next wave cities, Camella Manors Lipa is simply near wherever you need to be. With the largest malls in the province just a drive away from the project, the metro lifestyle is just as vivid as it is in the urban jungle. Notable to mention is the upcoming availability of taxis in Lipa City, topping the metro-like experience once and for all.

Affordable Condo in Lipa - Community Perspective - Camella Manors Lipa
Affordable Condo in Lipa – Community Perspective – Camella Manors Lipa

Camella Manors Lipa is located in Brgy. Tibig Lipa, Batangas. For an initial investment of ₱20,000, you can acquire a condominium, the ticket to a more elevated lifestyle! If the province of Batangas is the perfect mix of old and new, then Camella Manors Lipa is the epitome of the pleasures of being in the best of both worlds. With expansive amenities (swimming pool, jogging paths, gym, play court, park and clubhouse) that gives a recreational experience unlike any other, you can live everyday like a vacation.

Whether you are an aspiring student who desires the full university experience, a yuppie millennial escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city or a professional seeking for new opportunities and experiences, Camella Manors Lipa will have just what you need. Convenience, accessibility and security are only some of the top and prime benefits of living in a condominium.

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