The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine to Get Better Skin

Korean Skincare Routine Guide

From Kpop (Korean pop music) to Korean cuisine, Filipinos are gushing about the Korean skincare regimen, which promises fair, smooth, glass-like skin.

Have you ever considered how Koreans preserve their healthy, glass-like skin, as you see on film among your favorite Korean celebrities? This post will offer you with the skin necessities you’ll need to obtain the stunning Korean skin look.

Check out the 10-step skincare items below that you should start including in your everyday skincare routine.

Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover

The oil cleanser is the foundation of Korean skincare. It’s also the first step in the double-cleansing process. As you massage it into your skin, this sort of cleanser is quite calming. It can also be used to remove makeup and other oil-based pollutants such as dust and pollution from the skin.

Apply a small amount of the product to your face and gently rub it in circles. Circular cleansing promotes blood flow, which is important for healthy skin and allows cells to perform their duties efficiently. This keeps your skin glowing and healthy!

Cleanse for a couple of minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. To avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions, you should dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil.

Water-based Cleansers

Watrer based Cleansers for Korean Skincare
Watrer based Cleansers for Korean Skincare | Photo from Matthew Tkocz in Unsplash

Cleansing twice is vital in Korean skincare, and it is highly advised by aestheticians and dermatologists since it aids in the removal of any pollutants left over after the initial cleansing, which can lead to outbreaks.

Water-based cleansers are more effective at removing or dissolving water-based pollutants like dirt and sweat than oil-based cleansers.


Exfoliating the skin with your hands or with a little aid from chemicals will simply clean the pores and remove dead skin cells for a visibly brighter and smoother complexion. Regular exfoliation is also necessary for easy absorption of other skincare products.

Here, a light scrub tailored to your skin type should suffice. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells off the surface of your skin. Your skin will appear brighter and firmer after this step. It also helps to improve the overall texture and tone of your skin.


The toner is the final step in the preparing process. It eliminates any impurities left behind by cleansers while also repairing the skin’s layers, allowing moisturizers to penetrate more efficiently. Consider your skin to be a sponge that is harder to rehydrate when it is dry and rigid than when it is humid.

Toners with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and other helpful compounds have been introduced in the recent past. When compared to the traditional alcohol-based ones, they are also more hydrating and calming.

Finding a nice toner that complements your skin type is also a smart idea.


Essence the heart of Korean Skincare
Essence the heart of Korean Skincare | Photo from Content Pixie in Unsplash

These are light and packed with powerful moisturizing, anti-aging, and complexion-enhancing ingredients that can be applied to your skin with ease. The turnover of skin cells is promoted by the use of essence.


Treatments of Korean Skincare Products
Treatments of Korean Skincare Products | Photo from Christian Hurne in Unsplash

Boosters, ampoules, and serums are among the most effective skin-perfecting products. They’re jam-packed with the most potent chemicals and are designed to address specific skin issues including acne, fine wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Your skin has cleared up and is now ready to absorb the more crucial substances. A face serum is a stronger, more concentrated version of an essence. It consists of active chemicals that target certain skin problems such as wrinkles, discoloration, and dark spots.

This stage of the Korean skincare routine is also intended to promote the overall health of the skin.

Sheet Masks

The sheet masks have been deemed the soul of Korean skincare, if essences are the heart. The key to sheet masks is the sheet itself, which helps the skin to fully absorb the nutrients and hydration while in extended contact with the face. Additionally, using sheet masks promotes a peaceful, contemplative state of relaxation for oneself.

Sheet masks are often one size fits all, with a set sizing to fit all face shapes and sizes. Apply the mask on your face, gently patting it in place around your eyes and mouth. Allow 20-30 minutes for it to work. Sheet masks are also a great way to refresh your skin before a party or event!

Eye Cream

The skin that surrounds the eyes is the most fragile on the face. It is one of the most sensitive portions of the face in terms of aging because it is the thinnest part of the skin on the human face.

Dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet can all be avoided by using an intense eye cream on a regular basis. Eye creams are enriched with the most beneficial elements for your skin. They’re usually designed to be exceptionally gentle and non-irritating skincare products.


This type of skincare product is available in a variety of forms, including emulsions, lotions, gels, creams, and sleeping masks, all of which seal in moisture to plump up the skin and smooth fine wrinkles. One of the most important skincare products to have, especially if you want to look younger, is moisturizer.

Sun Protection

Even if you are staying indoors, you should wear sunscreen. It is the most fundamental skincare product for preventing and combating premature aging of the skin, as well as skin cancer prevention. It protects the human skin from UV radiation that are dangerous and destructive.

Furthermore, sunscreen should be applied last to protect your skin from being diluted by subsequent skincare products.

Is Korean Skincare Effective?

Many fashion and beauty bloggers have recently experimented with the Korean skincare regimen for a week or a month. The majority of them have seen excellent outcomes.

A lot of moisturizing products are used in the Korean skincare routine, which will gradually rebuild your skin’s barrier. This will keep water from evaporating and foreign chemicals from penetrating your skin. It also helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, which are common symptoms of aging.

Taking care of your skin, whether you follow a 10-step Korean skincare regimen or just a 3-step routine, is critical for preventing early aging and maintaining smooth, healthy skin.

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