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What to Expect in the Philippines’ Real Estate Market 2023

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Real estate is a flourishing industry in the Philippines. What can you expect and how do these benefit you?

Successful Real Estate Investment | Condo in the Philippines located in Central Business Districts | Camella Manors
Successful Real Estate Investment | Photo from Thirdman in Pexels

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Experts predict that the real estate industry in the Philippines will experience positive development, as the country’s economic state continues to progress.

The real estate market plays a big role in the Philippine economy as a major contributor to the country’s gross domestic product or the GDP, making it one of the key industries that are essential to the country’s economic growth

After the paradigm shift from the era of the pandemic to the post-pandemic phase, the real estate industry still remains to become steadfast and stable and is expected to elevate more in the succeeding years. Experts have pointed out that the demand for residential houses is expected to rise to millions by around the year 2025.

This reflects how investing in real estate continues to be one of the best ways that your money can work for you with guaranteed good returns of investment or ROI. 

Inflation does a lot of impact to our economy, some in negative ways. And so does real estate. Inflation is tantamount to rising prices, which has an effect when it comes to purchasing power and affordability. In 2023, it is deemed expected that real estate property prices will surely increase.

If you are currently looking for a wise investment, then consider opting for a real estate property; as it offers fewer risks and a higher probability of gaining higher returns as property values increase over time.

Real Estate Trends on 2022
Real Estate Trends on 2023

This year, we expect to see an increase in demand for upscale real estate properties for business infrastructures, flexible workspaces, and commercial establishments.

Hotels, shopping malls, and resort establishments are flourishing due to the visibly progressive recovery of tourism in the Philippines. Additionally, travel mobility is slowly returning to normal, and tourists are bustling here and there.

This means that these types of real estate properties or lots can attract more potential investors, especially businessmen.

More so, researchers predict that property supply in real estate will continue to remain high. These types of properties include office buildings, residential units, retail and industrial establishments, and tourism facilities like resorts and hotels. 

The population is, and will always be a factor that affects the progress of real estate in the Philippines. This is a notable factor that affects the real estate market of the country because of its ballooning number. More people would mean more lot properties and houses to sell to the market. 

With this given at hand, consumer traffic and purchasing power are also predicted to rise; especially among the midrange market, professionals, and foreign investors. 

Price Appreciation of Real Estate | Camella Manors
Price Appreciation of Real Estate | Photo from

Another interesting factor predicted to affect the real estate market in the Philippines is the influence of OFW remittances sent home by our modern-day heroes.

These remittances are expected to be a major element in the real estate market of the Philippines 2023; as these will have a big impact in driving the real estate industry, especially during these times when it continues to grow and expand in the Philippines. 

In summation of all of these factors, predictions, and expectations; it is with great importance to remember that financial literacy is important to learn in these fast-paced and trying times.

Making your money work for you through wise investments, like in real estate, is truly one of the best options that you can consider.

Expect a year of positive progress in the real estate industry here in the Philippines; bearing in mind these probabilities and making ways on how it can benefit you on your end.

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