Why Condominiums Are the Best Retirement Homes

Condominiums as Retirement Homes | Camella Manors

Retirement homes are properties that are typically occupied for retirees or ones who would just love to spend their days comfortable and relaxed. If you are fast approaching retirement, you might consider looking for the best possible property to serve as your retirement home.

If you plan to take relaxation away from your usual living scenarios, a house and lots may not be typically the best-suited option for your retirement. Simply having a huge space, high walls, open lawns, and other things houses have that you should maintain may not serve as a good retirement home.

Although, some individuals get to prepare themselves by applying to a care facility or home-for-the-aged. Eventually, in some instances, other family members will also apply you to such facilities when they might be unable to keep you under their care.

If you do not feel good about such scenarios when you retire the best option might be to consider condominium properties for sale in the country to serve as your retirement home. 

Access to Conveniences

Condominium locations in the Philippines are generally master-planned in central business districts of developed or developing cities. These business districts are simply the location of every convenience and regular place we usually spend our time.

Conveniences Nearby your Condo | Camella Manors
Conveniences Nearby your Condo | Photo from Fikri Rasyid in Unsplash

Buying essential items such as food, or other groceries can be too much of an effort as you grow older. Eventually, you will also have some transactions with banks or other commercial establishments which do not usually just involve the elders or mature individuals.

Thus, owning a condominium with a good and strategic location can help retirees to get the ease of access to establishments that are simply essential and supplementary for a continued good living condition.

Reach to Healthcare

Hospitals and other medical centers are basic establishments you can easily see in the city proper which makes condominium living better than housing retirement homes which you can usually locate in the sub-urban or countryside areas.

Reach Medical Assistance Easily in a Condo | Camella Manors
Reach Medical Assistance Easily in a Condo | Photo from Mat Napo in Unsplash

As you grow older you may be very cautious especially in terms of your health, individuals usually age and undergo treatments or other forms of medical sustenance or maintenance. It will be very helpful to have a retirement home in the city where medical assistance is within reach.

Calling for medical emergencies will also be helpful if you live in a condominium in the city. The location of the urgency is more visibly accessible for emergency hotlines such as medical ambulances. 

Presence of Green Spaces

Older Filipinos especially those who originated from provinces are fond of planting and gardening, simply parents or elders are inclined to the traditional Filipino way of living. This trait can also become part of condo living these days.

Condo Retirement Homes with Green Spaces | Camella Manors
Condo Retirement Homes with Green Spaces | Photo from Javier Tavara in Unsplash

Some developers particularly integrate green living communities inside their condo developments. A few sub-urban themed condominiums can be seen from mid-rise and low-rise types of condo developments compared to high-rise developments.

Green spaces are evident to some condo for sale properties in the country as a few of the buying audience would love to see green in their residential environment. Plus, green spaces help to create more interaction in the community, and it also suggests people go out and do some physical activities out in the open.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you would want to house an indoor plant, plenty of options in the market can be suitable for your age. Some indoor plants will only be requiring minimum maintenance. Such plants will not ask much effort for you to water them or take them out of the balcony for direct sunlight.

Low Maintenance

One of the few reasons why condominiums are the better option than retirement homes is that they will only require zero to minimal maintenance or upkeep. Unlike houses and lots, condominiums will not require you to trim the grass, rake dead leaves, repaint the exterior of your home, clean the roof, or any upkeep you will need for your house and lot.

Low Maintenance For Condo Living | Camella Manors
Low Maintenance For Condo Living | Photo from Ehmitrich in Unsplash

The condominium development will have a property management or an association to take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the common areas outside your condo unit. These common areas generally involve the hallways, elevators, staircases, condo lobby, atriums, clubhouse, and other amenity areas including the parking areas.

Property management offices will also take charge of garbage disposal. What future retirees should only investigate will be the cost of property maintenance or homeowners’ association fees.

Social Support

Living in a condominium as a retirement home is enriching as you get to have a very diverse neighborhood comprised of all ages. Nevertheless, you belong to one certain lifestyle and that is condo living.

Social Support in a Condo for Retirement | Camellla Manors
Social Support in a Condo for Retirement | Photo from BBH Singapore in Unsplash

Diverse individuals living in one building and inside one community can cause a positive impact on one’s senile age. Perhaps you will rather choose this option than to be in a detached house or home for the aged where you can only interact with those of your age. Typically, this scenario might also lessen your physical and mental motivation to live your life to the fullest.

On the other hand, you will feel more active living in a condo with full amenities. Technically, most high-end condominium developments have exclusive clubs which pursue active lifestyles and staying healthy in general. Look into such memberships for better community interaction.

Come Home to a Sub-urban Themed Retirement Home  

Vistaland and Lifescapes Inc. introduces its newest brand of sub-urban-themed retirement homes with Camella Manors midrise, high-quality, and exclusive condo developments for sale in the Philippines.

Own a Condo as Retirement Home | Camella Manors
Own a Condo as Retirement Home | Photo from Nick Karvounis in Unsplash

Camella Manors offers preselling and ready for occupancy condo units for sale located across the country specifically master-planned in developed and developing metro cities such as Caloocan, Lipa, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Butuan, and Davao City.

You can choose from a studio to bedroom unit of your choice as your retirement home in the city. If you are not much fond of highly populated communities, Camella Manors is a less dense neighborhood as the brand is just a midrise condo community having to reside a lesser number of people.

Meanwhile, you can feel at home with the brand’s resort-themed amenities while enjoying the rest of your retirement days ahead. A comfortable retirement period will also be supplemented with additional lifestyle amenities or commercial spaces just within the project community or on the lower level of your condo building.

Prepare for better days ahead with Camella Manors. You can own your retirement space with a minimum reservation fee of PHP15,000 for a studio unit. Enquire now thru our inquiry form or send a direct message thru our website chatbox.

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