Why Starting a Family in a Condo is More than Better?

Reasons for Starting a Family in a Condo

Starting a family can get you to rocky yet rewarding situations. One of the most thought-out decisions will likely involve where you want to start it, either a house or condo. Condo living might surprise you how it gets you covered once you decide to start a family.

Living and starting a family in a condo will let you experience a lot of perks from owning a set of resort-themed amenities, ease of access to essential establishments, the practicality of investment, lesser maintenance, and many more.

Easily learn a few things before choosing the right property where you can start your family. In this article, we will let you understand the merits of starting one in a condo development.

Access to Resort-themed or First-rate Amenities

Starting a family in a condo will give you many perks for every member of the family including the use and access of amenities. A family-friendly condo property lets you experience having your own set of amenities which can usually be expensive or unattainable for a single house and lot development. 

At any time, you can get to dip in a pool, work out in the indoor fitness gyms, play with your kids at the playground, hold a small party inside the function area, and do other things you can easily have access to being a unit owner inside the condo property.

In addition, some major developers in the country have a good set of resort-themed amenities you can also have access to once you own a condo unit. This set of amenities are even better than previous developments because of their design and functionality. Resort-themed amenities are also something you might want to look forward to once you look for a good condo for sale investment where you can start a family of your own.

Presence of a Dynamic Community

Social Neighborhood Starting a Family in a Condo
Social Neighborhood | Photo from Valentin Wechsler in Unsplash

Living in a condo neighborhood will let you mingle with all ages of individuals where you share the same lifestyle, condo living. Starting a family in a condo will help kids of your own in the future became adequately confident when talking to others especially to the elders.

One thing about starting a family in a condo will also help you out meeting people as most developers and homeowners hold gathering inside the community where everyone can get acquainted.

Aside from this, condo properties have common areas which include the amenities where almost everyone has access. You can easily make friends with your neighbors next to your condo unit too, as it will always be steps away from your home. Thus, meeting and talking to your neighbors is easier compared to house and lot developments.

Live Closer to Work

Walking to Work Starting a Family in a Condo
Walking to Work | Photo from LinkedIn Sales Solutions in Unsplash

Once you get to start a family, you will easily see that aside from doing things for yourself, there will also be household chores such as laundry, washing dishes, cooking, feeding the baby, etc and if you are a busy professional too you may not afford to lose your time commuting or going to work. Thus, starting a family in a condo closer to your workplace can be the most desirable thing you will ever realize.

Having a home closer to your work will let you have more time to be with your kids rather than taking up a mode of public transport and letting the traffic eat up your time regularly. And this can also save you some cash that you might spend commuting. More importantly, in times of home emergencies, you can easily get to your home.

Own Your Own Home

If you are someone caught up between buying and renting? You can have both options working feasibly in a condo. Yes, that’s right! Most condo developments nowadays have their RTO or rent-to-own property investment you can check if you are planning to start a family, but you are also looking at affordable options where you can save for the future.

On the other hand, buying a condo for sale is rather the better practical option to buy if you want to settle in the city with a growing family than to look for a single-detached house in the city. Today, prices of land may seem to be mid-cost to highly expensive as the demand is higher than the availability. Hence, investing in a condominium might be the right option for a starting family.  

Develop an Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio Starting a Family in a Condo
Investment Portfolio | Photo from Green Chameleon in Unsplash

Financial security and protection are vital once you start your own family. Buying your condo unit will let you save money rather than renting a property that eventually will not be yours. Plus, if you are looking for more affordable options a condominium is now the practical choice rather than buying a house and lot in the city.

Moreover, condominiums appreciate faster compared to horizontal or house and lot projects. When you start a family in a condo you are also building an impressive investment portfolio that you can give to your future kids or other members of the family in the future.

Skip Time-consuming Maintenance

Starting a family inside a condo unit is easier compared to houses and lots because of how less likely you will have to do your home maintenance. Owning a condominium requires lesser maintenance and if it does, a property management office can be requested for assistance.

You can easily skip the time-consuming maintenance work in a condo unit because of its living size and as well as the amenities are not directly of your concern but with the property management. All unit owners must do is to diligently pay the required maintenance fee which is covered in the monthly association dues or community dues.

Seize the Price Advantage

Gone are the days, that Filipinos perceive condominiums as luxury properties because at this point buying a condo is even more practical and affordable than buying a house and lot in the city location.

Looking at your buying options, you can eventually see a major pricing difference between a house and a condo in the metro. Since condominiums are generally smaller in size, prices are more affordable compared to houses and lots. Plus, owning a condo will also let you have access to prime amenities which is unlikely than buying a single-detached house.

It is also an obvious advantage if you seek to invest in a pre-selling condo for sale in the country whereas buying an unbuilt house and lot will not have some major pricing difference compared to its RFO or ready for occupancy counterpart.

Flexible Lifestyle

Condo living is having to let you and your family that you are starting on an easier road. Imagine your family having ease of access going to essential places like hospitals, malls, supermarkets, banks, schools, etc.

The mere fact that condo developments also feature 24/7 security and safety systems will also allow you to worry less about the family. The cut-out functional amenities where everyone can enjoy rather than traveling to resorts are also ideal for the kids to enjoy.

Start a Family with a Life Well-lived

A life Well Lived as a Starting Family
A life Well Lived as a Starting Family | Photo from Wes Hicks in Unsplash

Camella Manors offers you the best practical home solution for a starting family with flexible payment terms, strategic locations, less dense communities, resort-themed amenities, large open spaces, a safe and secured environment, etc.

The brand offers you the high-quality and exclusive condo for sale properties located across the Philippines from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Check out condo for sale project areas and find out how you can start a life well-lived at Camella Manors. 

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