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Covid-19 Vaccines in the Philippines: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Covid 19 Vaccines | Camella Manors

The arrival of Covid-19 vaccines in the Philippines has earned mixed comments, and reactions from the public. Some were drawn to the sight of hope and recovery while other people were troubled and anxious towards the side effects and its efficacy.

2020 had been a year of fear to everyone around the globe as the pandemic already claimed 3.13 million individuals from the total recorded cases of 154 million as of May 4, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is continuously recording more cases each day while vaccination programs are ongoing. To date the country has recorded a total of 17,525 fatalities with a total record of positive cases at 1.06 million.

It can be remembered that last February 28, was the arrival of the first set of Covid-19 vaccines in the country which were donated by China’s Sinovac.

A total of 3 million Sinovac doses have been delivered in the country at the latest record which composed of five sets; two of which were donations and three which were procured by the government.

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Vaccine Distribution in the Philippines

Today, the Philippine government has acquired a total of 3,525,600 does; 3 million from Sinovac and the remaining doses are AstraZeneca vaccines from the COVAX Facility. First set of the AstraZeneca vaccines arrived last March 24.

In the current recorded vaccination programs of the government, about 1,689,829 individuals have received their first dose of vaccine. Meanwhile, 309,385 individuals have already underwent to their second dose.

As information on the vaccines are still few and limited to the public, people are still adamant towards getting the procedure done. However, a few people are also keen on receiving the vaccine to save them from the virus.

Still the Philippines, do not require individuals to get their first dose of vaccine yet the government are still encouraging people to ask and receive the vaccine while cases are still on the rise. Here are some valid details that will measure up our thoughts in getting and not getting the vaccines.

The Pros of Having Covid-19 Vaccine

1. Vaccine Will Keep You from Infection

Pros of Having Covid 19 Vaccines | Camella Manors
Photo from Artem Podrez on Pexels

Several experts claimed that without vaccination you are more likely susceptible in getting the virus. Various vaccines from different medical institutions have respective efficacy rates that public can choose from whether what is available in your country.  

However, some vaccines may likely work with the required number of doses to an individual. On the other hand, these vaccines may not be available at a larger scale in the Philippines yet.

Experts believe that you are less likely to become seriously ill even if you get infected with the virus if you got the vaccination.

2. You Can Do More

After having the vaccine, you can start to resume tasks or things that the pandemic might have hindered you.

Experts are still looking at the possibilities to increase the efficacies of the vaccines, yet you are more protected than those individuals that have not taken the vaccine at all. Some local areas in the country might just even be more lenient in accepting you with the condition that you are already vaccinate and completed the required number of doses.

However, it is also better to still observe the local government protocol even if finishing the vaccination program.  

Lifestyle this Pandemic | Camella Manors
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3. No Covid-19 Vaccines Can Make You Sick of the Virus

Vaccines that are made available to the public went through series of medical trials which safety of individuals are also put into consideration.

Ultimately, no vaccines can cause you to have corona virus. Natural immunity with the aid of the immunity from the vaccine can go hand in hand in fighting the virus especially more variants are appearing.

4. Vaccines Help Stop the Pandemic

Innovations such as these vaccines are studied and invented to aid the rapid spread of the pandemic. Technically, as you take response by receiving the vaccine you are also helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Vaccines are produced to sustain the economy and to help mankind return to their lives before the pandemic.

The Cons of Having Covid-19 Vaccine

1. Accounted Side Effects

Side Effects of Covid 19 Vaccines to Individuals | Camella Manors
Photo from Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

A few large clinical trials, most documented side effects were very minor to none. As these side effects occur, they normally last for a few numbers of days.

The effect or reaction is not all negative, on the other side; it may suggest that the body is building immunity against the virus. Average side effects recorded to some vaccines globally are the following:

  • pain at the site of the injection
  • painful, swollen lymph nodes in the arm where the vaccine was injected
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • muscle or joint aches
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fever or chills

The most known adversities recorded for Sinovac are the increase in blood pressure, headaches, slight pain on the injected area, dizziness, rashes, and fever. On the otherhand, AstraZeneca also shares effects such as fever, headaches, slight pain on the injected area, chills, and body pains.

These were a few of the recorded effects out of almost 1.5 million vaccinated individuals in the Philippines.  

2. Deaths after Covid-19 Vaccination

As of 23rd of April 2021, there were 24 recorded deaths following vaccination program of the government. 10 of which were vaccinated with Sinovac and 14 were with AstraZeneca.

It was stated that 11 of the vaccinees died because of Covid, wherein, it was also pointed out that the vaccines take time to develop the immunity response inside the body.

The other eight died due to cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases. Meanwhile, the three died with other infectious diseases.

The Pros of Not Having Covid-19 Vaccine

1. Kept Away from Untoward Effects

Pros of Not Having Covid Vaccine | Camella Manors
Photo from Artem Podrez on Pexels

As some cases of individuals that had been administered with the vaccine recorded some few side effects; you can be at ease if you are not amenable to receiving any dose of the vaccines.

In the Philippines, where individuals have the option to receive or decline the vaccination program; people are free to choose. Those, who are sceptic with the vaccines can easily refuse or not ask for the reception.

Anxious ones can get over with all the negative possibilities upon receiving the vaccination. However, they should be fully aware that they will become very susceptible to the virus more than individuals who took the vaccination program.  

The Cons of Not Having Covid-19 Vaccine

1. More Vulnerability towards the Virus

Cons of Not Having Covid Vaccine | Camella Manors
Photo from Thirdman on Pexels

Anxiety may be well taken care of when you are negating the said side effects from the vaccination. However, the level of vulnerability is higher than those individuals who took courage in receiving the vaccines.

These people are finding security against the virus and the anxiety of having it more than the perspective of experiencing the side effects of the vaccine, which are not really seen with majority of individuals who already got their vaccination.

Some declared cases have also been found as relative or even isolated case.

What Should You Do Nowadays

In this current scenario the nation has to continuously face, the government has mandated several precautionary measures and arrangements to reduce the effects of the global pandemic.

General lockdowns are one of the most pushed essential measurement the government is implementing in plenty of cities in the country especially areas with notice of high cases of declared positive individuals.

If you are a working professional on these high-risk communities, better see to it to demonstrate higher level of precaution to minimize the risk in going in and out of your home.

Living in highly dense areas might also be something to look forward especially in condominium buildings where common areas are very condensed. Invest in a condo in the Philippines where you can have a breather, especially in the amenities.

Resort themed Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
Resort themed Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors

In Camella Manors, where security and safety of investors are prioritized these days, you can get to experience larger areas where you can stay and relax yourselves amidst the pandemic.

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